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Table of Contents: Volume 18, Issue 3

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Guest Editorial
Integrating Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Science in Natural Resource Management: Perspectives from Australia
Erin L. Bohensky, James R. A. Butler, and Jocelyn Davies
Introduction: Where in Law is Social-Ecological Resilience?
Jonas Ebbesson and Ellen Hey
Sustainable Land-use Practices in European Mountain Regions under Global Change: an Integrated Research Approach
Robert Huber, Harald Bugmann, Alexandre Buttler, and Andreas Rigling
Exploring External Validity of Common Pool Resource Experiments: Insights from Artisanal Benthic Fisheries in Chile
Stefan Gelcich, Ricardo Guzman, Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert, Juan Carlos Castilla, and Juan Camilo Cárdenas
UN–Water and its Role in Global Water Governance
Thomas Baumgartner and Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Toward Operationalizing Resilience Concepts in Australian Marine Sectors Coping with Climate Change
Julie L. Davidson, Ingrid E. van Putten, Peat Leith, Melissa Nursey-Bray, Elizabeth M. Madin, and Neil J. Holbrook
REDD+ and Human Rights: Addressing Synergies between International Regimes
Annalisa Savaresi
Uncertain Emission Reductions from Forest Conservation: REDD in the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
Charlene Watson, Susana Mourato, and E. J. Milner-Gulland
The Relevance of Local Participatory Scenario Planning for Ecosystem Management Policies in the Basque Country, Northern Spain
Igone Palacios-Agundez, Izaskun Casado-Arzuaga, Iosu Madariaga, and Miren Onaindia
Demonstration Restoration Measures in Tributaries of the Vindel River Catchment
Johanna Gardeström, Daniel Holmqvist, Lina E. Polvi, and Christer Nilsson
Rules Compliance and Age: Experimental Evidence with Fishers from the Amazon River
Maria Alejandra Velez and Maria Claudia Lopez
Past and future landscape dynamics in pasture-woodlands of the Swiss Jura Mountains under climate change
Alexander Peringer, Silvana Siehoff, Joël Chételat, Thomas Spiegelberger, Alexandre Buttler, and François Gillet
Measuring Household Resilience to Floods: a Case Study in the Vietnamese Mekong River Delta
Kien V Nguyen and Helen James
The Contributions of Regional Knowledge Networks Researching Environmental Changes in Latin America and Africa: a Synthesis of what they can do and why they can be policy relevant
Myanna Lahsen, Mercedes M. C. Bustamante, Robert Swap, Elizabeth McNie, Jean P. H. B. Ometto, Tatiana Schor, Holm Tiessen, Sandy Andelman, and Harold Annegarn
Social-Ecological Predictors of Global Invasions and Extinctions
Aaron Lotz and Craig R. Allen
Biophysical, Socioeconomic, and Geopolitical Vulnerabilities to Hydropower Development on the Nu River, China
Desiree D. Tullos, Eric Foster-Moore, Darrin Magee, Bryan Tilt, Aaron T. Wolf, Edwin Schmitt, Francis Gassert, and Kelly Kibler
From Carbon Projects to Better Land-Use Planning: Three Latin American Initiatives
Laura M. Rival
Responding to Globalization: Impacts of Certification on Colombian Small-Scale Coffee Growers
Ximena Rueda and Eric F. Lambin
The Neglect of Governance in Forest Sector Vulnerability Assessments: Structural-Functionalism and “Black Box” Problems in Climate Change Adaptation Planning
Adam M. Wellstead, Michael Howlett, and Jeremy Rayner
Collaborative Adaptive Management: Challenges and Opportunities
Lynn Scarlett
Thinking about the Future of Global Water Governance
Joseph W. Dellapenna, Joyeeta Gupta, Wenjing Li, and Falk Schmidt
Using Short-Term Monitoring Data to Achieve Goals in a Large-Scale Restoration
Dagmar Hagen and Marianne Evju
Differential Vulnerability to Hurricanes in Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic: The Contribution of Education
Adelheid Pichler and Erich Striessnig
Practitioner Perceptions of Adaptive Management Implementation in the United States
Melinda Harm Benson and Asako B. Stone
Traditional ecological knowledge among transhumant pastoralists in Mediterranean Spain
Elisa Oteros-Rozas, Ricardo Ontillera-Sánchez, Pau Sanosa, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Victoria Reyes-García, and José A. González
Integrating Expert Knowledge into Mapping Ecosystem Services Trade-offs for Sustainable Forest Management
Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Sibyl H. Brunner, Juerg Altwegg, Marc Christen, and Peter Bebi
Trade-Offs between Ecosystem Services in a Mountain Region
Simon Briner, Robert Huber, Peter Bebi, Ché Elkin, Dirk R. Schmatz, and Adrienne Grêt-Regamey
Exploring Futures of Ecosystem Services in Cultural Landscapes through Participatory Scenario Development in the Swabian Alb, Germany
Tobias Plieninger, Claudia Bieling, Bettina Ohnesorge, Harald Schaich, Christian Schleyer, and Franziska Wolff
Community Monitoring for REDD+: International Promises and Field Realities
Finn Danielsen, Teis Adrian, Søren Brofeldt, Meine van Noordwijk, Michael K. Poulsen, Subekti Rahayu, Ervan Rutishauser, Ida Theilade, Atiek Widayati, Ngo The An, Tran Nguyen Bang, Arif Budiman, Martin Enghoff, Arne E. Jensen, Yuyun Kurniawan, Qiaohong Li, Zhao Mingxu, Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt, Suoksompong Prixa, Vongvisouk Thoumtone, Zulfira Warta, and Neil Burgess
Integrating Collaboration, Adaptive Management, and Scenario-Planning: Experiences at Las Cienegas National Conservation Area
Jeremy K. Caves, Gitanjali S. Bodner, Karen Simms, Larry A. Fisher, and Tahnee Robertson
Agency and Resilience: Teachings of Pikangikum First Nation Elders, Northwestern Ontario
Andrew M. Miller and Iain Davidson-Hunt
Results Chains: a Tool for Conservation Action Design, Management, and Evaluation
Richard Margoluis, Caroline Stem, Vinaya Swaminathan, Marcia Brown, Arlyne Johnson, Guillermo Placci, Nick Salafsky, and Ilke Tilders
Insight into Enabling Adaptive Management
Lorne A. Greig, David R. Marmorek, Carol Murray, and Donald C. E. Robinson
A Classification Framework for Running Adaptive Management Rapids
Melinda Harm Benson, Ryan R. Morrison, and Mark C. Stone
Sustainable Biomass Energy and Indigenous Cultural Models of Well-being in an Alaska Forest Ecosystem
Munish Sikka, Thomas F. Thornton, and Rosita Worl
How to Track Adaptation to Climate Change: A Typology of Approaches for National-Level Application
James D. Ford, Lea Berrang-Ford, Alex Lesnikowski, Magda Barrera, and S. Jody Heymann
The Next Generation of Scientists: Examining the Experiences of Graduate Students in Network-Level Social-Ecological Science
Michele Romolini, Sydne Record, Rebecca Garvoille, Yevgeniy Marusenko, and R. Stuart Geiger
Complexity, Modeling, and Natural Resource Management
Paul Cilliers, Harry C. Biggs, Sonja Blignaut, Aiden G. Choles, Jan-Hendrik S. Hofmeyr, Graham P. W. Jewitt, and Dirk J. Roux
Exploring the implications of critical complexity for the study of social-ecological systems.
Michelle Audouin, Rika Preiser, Shanna Nienaber, Linda Downsborough, Johann Lanz, and Sydney Mavengahama
Anpernirrentye: a Framework for Enhanced Application of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge in Natural Resource Management
Fiona J. Walsh, Perrurle V. Dobson, and Josie C. Douglas
Law for Country: the Structure of Warlpiri Ecological Knowledge and Its Application to Natural Resource Management and Ecosystem Stewardship
Miles C. C. Holmes and Wanta (Stephen Patrick) Jampijinpa
A Theory of Transformative Agency in Linked Social-Ecological Systems
Frances R. Westley, Ola Tjornbo, Lisen Schultz, Per Olsson, Carl Folke, Beatrice Crona, and Örjan Bodin
Sustainable Land Use in Mountain Regions Under Global Change: Synthesis Across Scales and Disciplines
Robert Huber, Andreas Rigling, Peter Bebi, Fridolin Simon Brand, Simon Briner, Alexandre Buttler, Ché Elkin, François Gillet, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey, Christian Hirschi, Heike Lischke, Roland Werner Scholz, Roman Seidl, Thomas Spiegelberger, Ariane Walz, Willi Zimmermann, and Harald Bugmann
Cultural Ecosystem Services: A Literature Review and Prospects for Future Research
Andra Ioana Milcu, Jan Hanspach, David Abson, and Joern Fischer
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087