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Table of Contents: Volume 9, Issue 5

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Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems to Study Urban Quality of Life and Urban Forest Amenities
Ryan Jensen, Jay Gatrell, Jim Boulton, and Bruce Harper
Responses of Emergent Marsh Wetlands in Upstate New York to Variations in Urban Typology
G. S. Kleppel, Shirley A Madewell, and Sarah E Hazzard
The Effects of Urban Sprawl on Birds at Multiple Levels of Biological Organization
Robert Blair
Assessing Photoinduced Toxicity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in an Urbanized Estuary
M. Vo, D.E. Porter, G.T. Chandler, H. Kelsey, S.P. Walker, and B. E. Jones
Defining Conservation Priorities Using Fragmentation Forecasts
David Wear, John Pye, and Kurt Riitters
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