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Table of Contents: Volume 9, Issue 3

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Traditional Knowledge in Social–Ecological Systems
Carl Folke
Heterogeneity in Ethnoecological Knowledge and Management of Medicinal Plants in the Himalayas of Nepal: Implications for Conservation
Suresh Kumar Ghimire, Doyle McKey, and Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas
Local Management Practices for Dealing with Change and Uncertainty: A Cross-scale Comparison of Cases in Sweden and Tanzania
Maria Tengö and Kristina Belfrage
Cultural Keystone Species: Implications for Ecological Conservation and Restoration
Ann Garibaldi and Nancy Turner
Combining Science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: Monitoring Populations for Co-Management
Henrik Moller, Fikret Berkes, Philip O'Brian Lyver, and Mina Kislalioglu
Learning from Traditional Knowledge of Non-timber Forest Products: Penan Benalui and the Autecology of Aquilaria in Indonesian Borneo
D. G. Donovan and R. K. Puri
Spatial Organization of Environmental Knowledge: Conservation Conflicts in the Inhabited Forest of Northern Thailand
Robin Roth
Epistemology, Culture, and Keystone Species
A response to: Garibaldi and Turner. 2004. “Cultural Keystone Species: Implications for Ecological Conservation and Restoration”
Robert D Davic
The Nature of Culture and Keystones
A response to: Davic. 2004. “Epistemology, Culture, and Keystone Species”
Ann Garibaldi and Nancy Turner
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