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Table of Contents: Volume 9, Issue 1

Challenging Complexities of Change—the First Issue of Ecology and Society
Carl Folke and Lance Gunderson
Young Scholars Dialogue
Contemporary Visions of Progress in Ecology and Thoughts for the Future
Brian M Starzomski, Bradley J Cardinale, Jennifer A Dunne, Melinda J Hillery, Carrie A Holt, Meg A Krawchuk, Melissa Lage, Sean McMahon, and Michael C Melnychuk
The Hidden Cost of Tourism: Detecting Long-term Effects of Tourism Using Behavioral Information
David Lusseau
Spatial Complexity, Resilience, and Policy Diversity: Fishing on Lake-rich Landscapes
Stephen R Carpenter and William A Brock
Path Tortuosity and the Permeability of Roads and Trails to Wolf Movement
Jesse Whittington, Colleen Cassady St. Clair, and George Mercer
Overexploitation of Renewable Resources by Ancient Societies and the Role of Sunk-Cost Effects
Marco A Janssen and Marten Scheffer
Why Did the Snake Cross the Road? Effects of Roads on Movement and Location of Mates by Garter Snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis)
Richard Shine, Michael Lemaster, Michael Wall, Tracy Langkilde, and Robert Mason
Visualizing the Food-Web Effects of Fishing for Tunas in the Pacific Ocean
Jefferson T Hinke, Isaac C Kaplan, Kerim Aydin, George M Watters, Robert J Olson, and James F. K. Kitchell
Impacts of Unsustainable Mahogany Logging in Bolivia and Peru
Roberto F Kometter, Martha Martinez, Arthur G Blundell, Raymond E Gullison, Marc K Steininger, and Richard E Rice
The Role of Fire in Changing Land Use and Livelihoods in Riau-Sumatra
S. Suyanto, Grahame Applegate, Rizki Pandu Permana, Noviana Khususiyah, and Iwan Kurniawan
Potential Effects of Climate Change on Treeline Position in the Swedish Mountains
Jon Moen, Karin Aune, Lars Edenius, and Anders Angerbjörn
Shellfish Fishery Severely Reduces Condition and Survival of Oystercatchers Despite Creation of Large Marine Protected Areas
Simon Verhulst, Kees Oosterbeek, Anne L Rutten, and Bruno J Ens
Galápagos Birds and Diseases: Invasive Pathogens as Threats for Island Species
Martin Wikelski, Johannes Foufopoulos, Hernan Vargas, and Howard Snell
A Framework to Analyze the Robustness of Social-ecological Systems from an Institutional Perspective
John M Anderies, Marco A Janssen, and Elinor Ostrom
From Complex Regions to Complex Worlds
C. S. Holling
Resilience, Adaptive Capacity, and the “Lock-in Trap” of the Western Australian Agricultural Region
Helen E Allison and Richard J Hobbs
Ecological Criteria and Indicators for Tropical Forest Landscapes: Challenges in the Search for Progress
Douglas Sheil, Robert Nasi, and Brook Johnson
Using Expert Judgment and Stakeholder Values to Evaluate Adaptive Management Options
Lee Failing, Graham Horn, and Paul Higgins
Book Review
Berkes, F., J. Colding, and C. Folke. 2003. Navigating social-ecological systems: Building resilience for complexity and change. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
Brian M Starzomski
Multiple Quests for the Best Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Tropical Forest Management: Worthwhile Endeavors or a Smokescreen?
A response to: Sheil et al. 2004. “Ecological Criteria and Indicators for Tropical Forest Landscapes: Challenges in the Search for Progress”
Francis E Putz
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087