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Table of Contents: Volume 8, Issue 1

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Synergy Between Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Conservation Science Supports Forest Preservation in Ecuador
C. Dustin Becker and Kabita Ghimire
Organic Farming and Social-Ecological Resilience: the Alpine Valleys of Sölktäler, Austria
Rebecka Milestad and Sonja K Hadatsch
Learning as You Journey: Anishinaabe Perception of Social-ecological Environments and Adaptive Learning
Iain Davidson-Hunt and Fikret Berkes
The Relationship between Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Evolving Cultures, and Wilderness Protection in the Circumpolar North
Alan Watson, Lilian Alessa, and Brian Glaspell
Cultural Foundations for Ecological Restoration on the White Mountain Apache Reservation
Jonathan Long, Aregai Tecle, and Benrita Burnette
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