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Table of Contents: Volume 7, Issue 2

An End and a Beginning
Carl Folke and Lance Gunderson
USDA Forest Service Roadless Areas: Potential Biodiversity Conservation Reserves
Colby Loucks, Nicholas Brown, Andrea Loucks, and Kerry Cesareo
Distribution and Causes of Global Forest Fragmentation
Timothy G Wade, Kurt Riitters, James D Wickham, and K. Bruce Jones
Monitoring Current Status of and Trends in Boreal Forest Land Use in Russian Karelia
Charles Burnett, Andrew Fall, Erkki Tomppo, and Risto Kalliola
Social Vulnerability and Ecological Fragility: Building Bridges between Social and Natural Sciences Using the Irish Potato Famine as a Case Study
Evan D. G. Fraser
Restoration of Midwest Oak Barrens: Structural Manipulation or Process-only?
Scott Nielsen, Chad Kirschbaum, and Alan Haney
Environmental Vulnerability Index for the Island of Tobago, West Indies
Marissa N Gowrie
Misuse of Checklist Assessments in Endangered Species Recovery Efforts
Thomas P Good, Tamara K Harms, and Mary H Ruckelshaus
Changes in Mammalian Body Length over 175 Years—Adaptations to a Fragmented Landscape?
Niels Martin Schmidt and Per Moestrup Jensen
Book Review
Busch, D. E., and J. C. Trexler, editors. 2002. Monitoring Ecosystems: Interdisciplinary Approaches for Evaluating Ecoregional Initiatives. Island Press, Washington, D. C., USA.
Isaac C Kaplan
Morris, W. F., and D. F. Doak. 2003. Quantitative Conservation Biology: Theory and Practice of Population Viability Analysis. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, Massachusetts, USA
John Sabo
Bissonette, J. A., and I. Storch, editors. 2003. Landscape Ecology and Resource Management. Island Press, Washington, D.C., USA.
Tania Schoennagel
Perrow, M. R., and A. J. Davy, editors. 2002. Handbook of Ecological Restoration. Volume 1: Principles of Restoration; Volume 2: Restoration in Practice. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
Anastasia Allen, Suzanne Kercher, Daniel Larkin, Hem-Nalini Morzaria-Luna, and Michelle Peach
The Long and the Short of the "View Thing"
A response to: Gunderson and Folke. 2003. “Toward a “Science of the Long View””
Wayne Tyson
The "View Thing" Outside Academia
A response to: Tyson. 2003. “The Long and the Short of the "View Thing"”
Philip Hoffman
Tropical Multiple Use
A response to: Toledo et al. 2003. “The Multiple Use of Tropical Forests by Indigenous Peoples in Mexico: a Case of Adaptive Management”
E. N. Anderson
1. Address the what to do. 2. Income generation is first priority
A response to: Sayer and Campbell. 2002. “Research to Integrate Productivity Enhancement, Environmental Protection, and Human Development”
Dov Pasternak
Weed Control Experience with Restoration
A response to: Blumenthal et al. 2003. “Weed Control as a Rationale for Restoration: The Example of Tallgrass Prairie”
Richard Worthen
Understanding Fragmentation: Getting closer to 42
A response to: Bogaert. 2003. “Lack of Agreement on Fragmentation Metrics Blurs Correspondence between Fragmentation Experiments and Predicted Effects”
John Bissonette and Ilse Storch
Recent Fire History of Maritime Chaparral Dominated by Arctostaphylos morroensis
A response to: Ward. 2003. “Fire History of Montana de Oro State Park”
Dennis Odion and Claudia Tyler
Relaxing in Uncertainty
A response to: Costanza. 2000. “Visions of Alternative (Unpredictable) Futures and Their Use in Policy Analysis”
Wayne Tyson
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