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Table of Contents: Volume 5, Issue 2

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A New Phase
C. S. Holling
Guest Editorial
Introduction to the Special Feature: Educating for Integration and Sustainability
Clifton Lee Gass
Research to Integrate Productivity Enhancement, Environmental Protection, and Human Development
Jeffrey A Sayer and Bruce Campbell
The Adaptive Decision-Making Process as a Tool for Integrated Natural Resource Management: Focus, Attitudes, and Approach
Padma Lal, Hazel Lim-Applegate, and Michelle C Scoccimarro
Biomass Partitioning Following Defoliation of Annual and Perennial Mediterranean Grasses
Mario Gutman, Imanuel Noy-Meir, Daniel C Pluda, No'am Seligman, Steven Rothman, and Marcelo Sternberg
Finding a PATH toward Scientific Collaboration: Insights from the Columbia River Basin
David Marmorek and Calvin Peters
Cumulative Effects of Barriers on the Movements of Forest Birds
Marc Bélisle and Colleen Cassady St. Clair
Tropical Forest Reorganization after Cyclone and Fire Disturbance in Samoa: Remnant Trees as Biological Legacies
Thomas Elmqvist, Maria Wall, Anna-Lena Berggren, Lisa Blix, Åsa Fritioff, and Ulrika Rinman
Assessing the Performance of Natural Resource Systems
Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey A Sayer, Peter Frost, Sonja Vermeulen, Manuel Ruiz-Pérez, Tony Cunningham, and Ravi Prabhu
Adapting Science to Adaptive Managers: Spidergrams, Belief Models, and Multi-agent Systems Modeling
Timothy Lynam, Francois Bousquet, Christophe Le Page, P. d'Aquino, Olivier Barreteau, Frank C Chinembiri, and Bright Mombeshora
Spatial Modeling of Risk in Natural Resource Management
Peter Jones and Philip K Thornton
Fuzzy Philosophy: A Foundation for Interneted Ecology?
Wayne Tyson
GPS and GIS Methods in an African Rain Forest: Applications to Tropical Ecology and Conservation
Nathaniel J Dominy and Brean Duncan
Design and Analysis of Conservation Projects in Latin America: an Integrative Approach to Training
Carlos Galindo-Leal
Lessons from the Physics Education Reform Effort
Richard Hake
Integrated Natural Resource Management: Approaches and Lessons from the Himalaya
K. G. Saxena, K.S. Rao, K. K. C Sen, R. K. Maikhuri, and R. L. Semwal
Rediscovering Rites of Passage: Education, Transformation, and the Transition to Sustainability
David Adam Lertzman
Delivering the Goods: Scaling out Results of Natural Resource Management Research
Larry Harrington, Jeffrey White, Peter Grace, David Hodson, Agnes Dewi Hartkamp, Christopher Vaughan, and Craig Meisner
Integrating Research on Food and the Environment: an Exit Strategy from the Rational Fool Syndrome in Agricultural Science
Jacqueline A Ashby
Success Factors in Integrated Natural Resource Management R&D: Lessons from Practice
Jürgen Hagmann, Edward Chuma, Kuda Murwira, Mike Connolly, and Paolo Ficarelli
The Reflective Practitioner: Learning and Teaching in Community-based Forest Management
D’Arcy Davis-Case
Adapting to Climate Change: Social-Ecological Resilience in a Canadian Western Arctic Community
Fikret Berkes and Dyanna Jolly
Assessing Viability and Sustainability: a Systems-based Approach for Deriving Comprehensive Indicator Sets
Hartmut Bossel
Blending “Hard” and “Soft” Science: the “Follow-the-Technology” Approach to Catalyzing and Evaluating Technology Change
Boru Douthwaite, Nicoline C de Haan, Victor Manyong, and Dyno Keatinge
Reflections on Integration, Interaction, and Community: the Science One Program and Beyond
Jülyet Aksiyote Benbasat and Clifton Lee Gass
Assessing the Impact of Integrated Natural Resource Management: Challenges and Experiences
María Verónica Gottret and Douglas C White
Negotiation Support Models for Integrated Natural Resource Management in Tropical Forest Margins
Meine van Noordwijk, Thomas P Tomich, and Bruno Verbist
The Question of Scale in Integrated Natural Resource Management
Chris Lovell, Alois Mandondo, and Patrick Moriarty
Book Review
Coughenour, C. M., and S. Chamala. 2000. Conservation Tillage and Cropping Innovation: Constructing the New Culture of Agriculture. Iowa State University Press, Ames, Iowa, USA.
Kristen Blann
Cronk, Q. C. B., and J. L. Fuller. 2001. Plant Invaders: the Threat to Natural Ecosystems. Earthscan Publications, London, UK.
Doria Gordon
G. Gigerenzer, P. M. Todd, and the ABC Research Group. 2000. Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK.
John M Anderies
Barraclough, S. L., and K. B. Ghimire. 2000. Agricultural Expansion and Tropical Deforestation: Poverty, International Trade and Land Use. Earthscan, Sterling, Virginia, USA
Susan E Mannon
Crucial Distinctions: Process and Product
A response to: Sandhu. 2001. “Fixed Visions and Visionaries”
Wayne Tyson
Some Reservations about the Gap Concept
A response to: Bradshaw and Borchers. 2000. “Uncertainty as Information: Narrowing the Science-policy Gap”
Jack Stilgoe
In Search of Intelligent Life ...
A response to: Ludwig. 2001. “ Crisis and Transformation”
Stan Rowe
Path Dependence as an Example of a Dysfunctional Panarchy
A response to: Henderson. 2001. “Path Dependence, Escaping Sustained Yield”
Jack Mathias
Conservation of Native Pollinators via Honeybee Conservation
A response to: Cane and Tepedino. 2001. “Causes and Extent of Declines among Native North American Invertebrate Pollinators: Detection, Evidence, and Consequences”
Tamar Keasar
Levin Has It Right
A response to: Levin. 2001. “Immune Systems and Ecosystems”
Clifford Duke
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