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Table of Contents: Volume 5, Issue 1

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Conservation Ecology, 2001: A Journal for Both Authors and Readers
C. S. Holling
Guest Editorial
Crisis and Transformation
Don Ludwig
The Native Bee Fauna of Carlinville, Illinois, Revisited After 75 Years: a Case for Persistence
John C Marlin and Wallace E LaBerge
Communicating Ecological Indicators to Decision Makers and the Public
Andrew Schiller, Carolyn T Hunsaker, Michael A Kane, Amy K Wolfe, Virginia H Dale, Glenn W Suter, Clifford S Russell, Georgine Pion, Molly H Jensen, and Victoria C Konar
Butterfly Species Richness Patterns in Canada: Energy, Heterogeneity, and the Potential Consequences of Climate Change
Jeremy T Kerr
Ecosystems and Immune Systems: Hierarchical Response Provides Resilience against Invasions
Craig Allen
Ecosystems and Immune Systems: Useful Analogy or Stretching a Metaphor?
Brian Walker
Immune Systems and Ecosystems
Simon A Levin
The Sorcererís Tool: Technology as Servant or Master?
Michael Ellerbrock
Exploring the Linkages between Climate Change and Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Transdisciplinary Research
Mohan Munasinghe
An Immune System Perspective on Ecosystem Management
Marco A Janssen
Causes and Extent of Declines among Native North American Invertebrate Pollinators: Detection, Evidence, and Consequences
James H Cane and Vincent J Tepedino
Ups and Downs in Pollinator Populations: When is there a Decline?
David Ward Roubik
Variation in Native Bee Faunas and its Implications for Detecting Community Changes
Neal M Williams, Robert L Minckley, and Fernando A Silveira
North American Dipteran Pollinators: Assessing Their Value and Conservation Status
Carol Ann Kearns
Habitat Fragmentation and Native Bees: a Premature Verdict?
James H Cane
Population Genetic Aspects of Pollinator Decline
Laurence Packer and Robin Owen
Using Pollination Deficits to Infer Pollinator Declines: Can Theory Guide Us?
James D Thomson
The Economic Impacts of Pollinator Declines: An Approach to Assessing the Consequences
Peter G Kevan and Truman P Phillips
Book Review
A. Wood, P. Stedman-Edwards, and J. Mang, editors. 2000. The Root Causes of Biodiversity Loss. World Wildlife Fund and Earthscan Publications Ltd., London, UK.
Marieke Heemskerk
Fixed Visions and Visionaries
A response to: Tyson. 2000. “God, Nature, and Interpretation”
Jaswinder S Sandhu
Theories, Computer Models, and Sustainable Futures
A response to: Holling. 2000. “Theories for Sustainable Futures”
Hsin Chi
Path Dependence, Escaping Sustained Yield
A response to: Holling. 2000. “Theories for Sustainable Futures”
Bill Henderson
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