NonPoint - Modeling software for: Carpenter, S.R., W.A. Brock, and P.C. Hanson. 1999. Ecological and Social Dynamics in Simple Models of Ecosystem Management. Conservation Ecology.

Chapter 1 - About NonPoint

 What is NonPoint?

NonPoint is software that accompanies the report by Carpenter et al. (1999). NonPoint models the dynamic interactions between a lake ecosystem subject to nonpoint pollution and a social system that depends on the lake. Actors in various simulations include scientists, economists, regulators, farmers, soils, lakes- and you, the game player. The three models described by Carpenter et al. (1999) are included here: Market Manger, Governing Board, and Land Manager models.

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Copyright 1999 by Paul C. Hanson and Stephen R. Carpenter. Version 1.0 may be copied without permission from the copyright holders.


We are grateful for the advice and criticisms of W.A. Brock and D. Ludwig. A number of people have made useful suggestions that improved the software, including D. Beard, S. Hewitt, J. Kitchell, and participants at the Workshop on Citizen Science sponsored by the Resilience Network in Winona, Minnesota, in November 1998. C.S. Holling and J. Addis made many useful suggestions on numerous aspects of this project. . Financial support was provided by the Resilience Network, the Pew Foundation, and the National Science Foundation through its North Temperate Lakes Long-Term Ecological Research Site.