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Table of Contents: Volume 3, Issue 1

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Visions: A Personal Essay
C. S. Holling
Invasion of Matrix Species in Small Habitat Patches
Stefan Ås
Adaptive Management of the Water Cycle on the Urban Fringe: Three Australian Case Studies
Alistair Gilmour, Greg Walkerden, and James Scandol
Commonness and Rarity: Theory and Application of a New Model to Mediterranean Montane Grasslands
José M. Rey Benayas, Samuel M Scheiner, Manuel García Sánchez-Colomer, and Catherine Levassor
Integrating Citizens in Adaptive Management: A Propositional Analysis
Bruce Shindler and Kristin Aldred Cheek
Animal Dispersal in Fragmented Habitat: Measuring Habitat Connectivity, Corridor Use, and Dispersal Mortality
Lesley Brooker, Michael Brooker, and Peter Cale
Assessing Extinction Risk: Integrating Genetic Information
Jason Dunham, Mary Peacock, C. Richard Tracy, Jennifer Nielsen, and Gary Vinyard
Resilience, Flexibility and Adaptive Management - - Antidotes for Spurious Certitude?
Lance Gunderson
Protocol and Practice in the Adaptive Management of Waterfowl Harvests
Fred Johnson and Ken Williams
Cross-cultural Conflicts in Fire Management in Northern Australia: Not so Black and White
Alan Andersen
Introduction to the Special Feature: Adaptive Management - Scientifically Sound, Socially Challenged?
Barry L Johnson
Sustainability for the Planet: A Marketing Perspective
Gail Whiteman
Conservation Policy in Time and Space: Lessons from Divergent Approaches to Salvage Logging on Public Lands
George Robinson and Jeffrey Zappieri
Asking the Right Question
A response to: Holling. 1998. “Two Cultures of Ecology”
Clifford Duke
Two Cultures: Not Unique to Ecology
A response to: Holling. 1998. “Two Cultures of Ecology”
Marc A Saner
On the nature of keystone species
A response to: Khanina. 1998. “Determining Keystone Species”
Jerome Vanclay
Keystone Species: What Are We Talking About?
A response to: Khanina. 1998. “Determining Keystone Species”
Stefano Piraino and Giovanni Fanelli
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