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Table of Contents: Volume 26, Issue 3

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Guest Editorial
Social and environmental change in the Arctic: emerging opportunities for well-being transformations through stewardship
F. Stuart Chapin, III
Advancing practical applications of resilience in Aotearoa-New Zealand
David Wither, Caroline Orchiston, Nicholas A. Cradock-Henry, and Etienne Nel
Understanding the local biodiversity and open space strategies in two South African cities
Quraisha Bux, Pippin Anderson, and Patrick J O'Farrell
Toward understanding the long-term persistence of a local governance system among artisanal fishers in Chile
Jaime A Aburto, Wolfgang Stotz, Georgina Cundill, and Carlos Tapia
Barriers to scaling sustainable land and water management in Uganda: a cross-scale archetype approach
Luigi Piemontese, Rick Nelson Kamugisha, Joy Margaret Biteete Tukahirwa, Anna Tengberg, Simona Pedde, and Fernando Jaramillo
Convergent geographic patterns between grizzly bear population genetic structure and Indigenous language groups in coastal British Columbia, Canada
Lauren H Henson, Niko Balkenhol, Robert Gustas, Megan Adams, Jennifer Walkus, William G Housty, Astrid V. Stronen, Jason Moody, Christina Service, Donald Reece, Bridgett M. vonHoldt, Iain McKechnie, Ben F. Koop, and Chris T. Darimont
Engaging with complexity in resilience practice
My M Sellberg, Allyson Quinlan, Rika Preiser, Katja Malmborg, and Garry D Peterson
Operationalizing resilience: co-creating a framework to monitor hard, natural, and nature-based shoreline features in New York State
Katinka Wijsman, D. S. Novem Auyeung, Pippa Brashear, Brett F. Branco, Kathryn Graziano, Peter M. Groffman, Helen Cheng, and Dylan Corbett
Nature conservation in a digitalized world: echo chambers and filter bubbles
Annika Miller, Saskia Arndt, Lina Engel, and Nathalie Boot
Culture and parks: incorporating cultural ecosystem services into conservation in the Tibetan region of Southwest China
Jun He and Na Guo
Driving factors behind subjective resilience on organic dairy sheep farms
Augustine Perrin and Guillaume Martin
Participatory planning for local sustainability guided by the Sustainable Development Goals
Katrina Szetey, Enayat A. Moallemi, Emma Ashton, Martin Butcher, Beth Sprunt, and Brett A Bryan
Limited knowledge flow among stakeholders of critically endangered renosterveld in South Africa
Stefanie Burghardt, Emmeline N Topp, Karen J Esler, and Jacqueline Loos
Wildfire volunteering and community disaster resilience in New Zealand: institutional change in a dynamic rural social-ecological setting
Andrea Grant and E. R. (Lisa) Langer
The role of socio-demographic characteristics in mediating relationships between people and nature
Kim C. Zoeller, Georgina G. Gurney, Nadine Marshall, and Graeme S. Cumming
Comparing adaptive capacity of Arctic communities responding to environmental change
Matthew D Berman, Jennifer I Schmidt, and Gary P Kofinas
What’s biodiversity got to do with it? Perceptions of biodiversity and restorativeness in urban parks
Paula Gonçalves, Filipa Grilo, Raquel C. Mendes, Kati Vierikko, Birgit Elands, Tiago A Marques, and Margarida Santos-Reis
Participation of diverse actors and usage of traditional and local knowledge in local biodiversity strategies and action plans of Japanese municipalities
Mifuyu Ogawa, Masashi Soga, and Takehito Yoshida
How do Indigenous and local knowledge systems respond to climate change?
Ruxandra Popovici, Andre G. de L. Moraes, Zhao Ma, Laura Zanotti, Keith A Cherkauer, Anna E Erwin, Katy E Mazer, Edwin F Bocardo Delgado, José P Pinto Cáceres, Pranay Ranjan, and Linda S Prokopy
"People should also look after the people": relational values of wildlife and collectively titled land in Ilkisongo Maasai group ranches in Southern Kenya
Ryan Unks, Mara J. Goldman, François Mialhe, and Joana Roque de Pinho
Social-ecological resilience in remote mountain communities: toward a novel framework for an interdisciplinary investigation
Rike Stotten, Lisa Ambrosi, Erich Tasser, and Georg Leitinger
Lessons for human survival in a world without ecological templates: what can we learn from small-scale societies?
Roope O. Kaaronen, Mikael A. Manninen, Emery Roe, Janne I. Hukkinen, and Jussi T. Eronen
The role of Indigenous peoples and local communities in effective and equitable conservation
Neil M. Dawson, Brendan Coolsaet, Eleanor J. Sterling, Robin Loveridge, Nicole D, Gross-Camp, Supin Wongbusarakum, Kamaljit K. Sangha, Lea M. Scherl, Hao Phuong Phan, Noelia Zafra-Calvo, Warren G. Lavey, Patrick Byakagaba, C. Julián Idrobo, Aude Chenet, Nathan J. Bennett, Stephanie Mansourian, and Francisco J. Rosado-May
Hydrosocial rupture: causes and consequences for transboundary governance
Michelle A. Miller, Alfajri, Rini Astuti, Carl Grundy-Warr, Carl Middleton, Zu Dienle Tan, and David M. Taylor
Dehesas as high nature value farming systems: a social-ecological synthesis of drivers, pressures, state, impacts, and responses
Tobias Plieninger, Lukas Flinzberger, Maria Hetman, Imke Horstmannshoff, Marilena Reinhard-Kolempas, Emmeline Topp, Gerardo Moreno, and Lynn Huntsinger
Ecological and social outcomes of urbanization on regional farming systems: a global synthesis
Pramila Thapa, Mario Torralba, Andreas Buerkert, Christoph Dittrich, and Tobias Plieninger
Limited effectiveness of EU policies to conserve an endangered species in high nature value farmland in Romania
Jacqueline Loos, Juliane Gallersdörfer, Tibor Hartel, Matthias Dolek, and Laura Sutcliffe
The six dimensions of collective leadership that advance sustainability objectives: rethinking what it means to be an academic leader
Jill Caviglia-Harris, Karen E. Hodges, Brian Helmuth, Elena M. Bennett, Kathleen Galvin, Margaret Krebs, Karen Lips, Meg Lowman, Lisa A. Schulte, and Edward A. G. Schuur
Challenges to understanding nonmaterial dimensions of human-nature connections, and how to address them
Rachelle K. Gould and P. Wesley Schultz
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