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Janssen, M. A., C. R. Allen, and L. Gunderson. 2021. Transition. Ecology and Society 26(1):32.


1School of Sustainability & School of Complex Adaptive Systems, Arizona State University, USA, 2University of Nebraska, School of Natural Resources, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, 3Department of Environmental Sciences, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA

About 25 years ago, Buzz Holling started as the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Conservation Ecology. In early 2002 Carl Folke and Lance Gunderson took over this role. They became the Co-Editors-in-Chief of Conservation Ecology, which changed its name to Ecology and Society in June 2004. Carl stepped down as Co-EIC in the summer of 2019, and Lance will step down this month as Co-EIC.

Under Carl and Lance’s leadership, Ecology and Society grew to a leading transdisciplinary journal that publishes novel and integrative work on the relationships between society and the life-supporting ecosystems on which human well-being ultimately depends. The journal has built a solid foundation, including a large readership and reputation for interdisciplinary science.

The journal’s content ranges from the applied to the theoretical, including topics relating to the ecological, political, and social foundations for sustainable social-ecological systems. If we look at the common keywords of articles, we see in the early 2000s a focus on resilience, biodiversity, conservation, forest management, and adaptive management. More recently, the journal has embraced a broader set of topics, and in recent years the most common keywords are sustainability, ecosystem services, governance, adaptive management, stakeholder, and climate change.

In early 2021, the Board of Directors of the Resilience Alliance appointed Prof. Craig Allen as Co-Editor-in-Chief. Craig is a Professor in the School of Natural Resources and Director of the Center for Resilience in Agricultural Working Landscapes, both at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Craig has been on the editorial board of Ecology and Society and a member of the Resilience Alliance since 2001.

Lance’s last days as EIC are approaching, and we’d like to thank him for his years of service to the Resilience Alliance, Ecology and Society, and science in general. Lance has made a solid and sustained contribution to science, especially in the areas of adaptive management, panarchy, and resilience. That contribution lives on not only in his scientific record but in the institutions he helped create and the lives he has influenced.

From a panarchy perspective, the journal goes through a little back-loop, and we look forward to initiating new initiatives related to the journal. Some of this you may have noticed with an update of the editorial board and tweets from the journal at @EcologySociety1. More initiatives are in the pipeline and so stay tuned.


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Address of Correspondent:
Marco A. Janssen
School Of Sustainability
Tempe, AZ
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