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Table of Contents: Volume 24, Issue 2

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Integrating fisheries management into sustainable development planning
Katie K Arkema, Lauren A. Rogers, Jodie Toft, Alex Mesher, Katherine H Wyatt, Shenique Albury-Smith, Stacey Moultrie, Mary H Ruckelshaus, and Jameal Samhouri
How ecosystem services and agroecology are greening French agriculture through its reterritorialization
Xavier Arnauld de Sartre, Marion Charbonneau, and Orianne Charrier
Adoption and diffusion of technical capacity-building innovations by small-scale artisanal fishers in Fiji
Tracy MacKeracher, Simon J. Foale, Georgina G. Gurney, and Steven W. Purcell
The promises and pitfalls of ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change as a vehicle for social empowerment
Stephen Woroniecki, Christine Wamsler, and Emily Boyd
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