Table 1. Cost of creating the local community forest (CF) concession at the two pilot sites.

Steps of the formal procedure Total cost (US$)
Uma CF Lolwa CF
Information and validation meetings 4700 4950
Setting up of management committees 9980 12,000
Delimitation and mapping 66,470 16,000
Forest inventory 14,825 11,000
Baseline studies 9500
Drafting of the Simple Management Plan 4000 3500
Drafting and filing of the logging permit application 3150
Costs for venue of provincial and national authorities 9300 11,200
Total amount of actual expenses
112,425 68,150
Extra costs to comply with Ministerial Order 25 dated 9 February 2016
Creation of Supervision and Monitoring committees 6120
Writing and adoption of new statutes 5385
Training of the committee members 9000
Investments and running costs for local committees 12,260
Costs for venue and involvement of local authorities 8716
Total cost of compliance with current regulations 153,906 109,631