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Table of Contents: Volume 23, Issue 4

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Guest Editorial
Transforming asymmetrical conflicts over natural resources in the Global South
Eleanor Fisher, Maarten Bavinck, and Aklilu Amsalu
Designing transformative spaces for sustainability in social-ecological systems
Laura M. Pereira, Timothy Karpouzoglou, Niki Frantzeskaki, and Per Olsson
Telecoupling: A new frontier for global sustainability
Vanessa Hull and Jianguo Liu
Climate change beliefs and forest management in eastern Oregon: implications for individual adaptive capacity
Angela E. Boag, Joel Hartter, Lawrence C. Hamilton, Nils D. Christoffersen, Forrest R. Stevens, Michael W. Palace, and Mark J. Ducey
Value-based scenario planning: exploring multifaceted values in natural disaster planning and management
Andrea Rawluk, Rebecca M Ford, and Kathryn J. H. Williams
Network analysis as a tool for quantifying the dynamics of metacoupled systems: an example using global soybean trade
Danica Schaffer-Smith, Stephanie A. Tomscha, Karl J. Jarvis, Dorothy Y. Maguire, Michael L. Treglia, and Jianguo Liu
Using conflict over risk management in the marine environment to strengthen measures of governance
Courtenay E. Parlee and Melanie G. Wiber
Crisis and reorganization in urban dynamics: the Barcelona, Spain, case study
Rafael De Balanzó and Núria Rodríguez-Planas
The forest transition in Săo Paulo, Brazil: historical patterns and potential drivers
Adriane Calaboni, Leandro R. Tambosi, Alexandre T. Igari, Juliana S. Farinaci, Jean Paul Metzger, and Maria Uriarte
On the other side of the ditch: exploring contrasting ecosystem service coproduction between smallholder and commercial agriculture
Rebecka Henriksson Malinga, Graham P. W. Jewitt, Regina Lindborg, Erik Andersson, and Line J. Gordon
Green without envy: how social capital alleviates tensions from a Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) program in Indonesia
Francesca L McGrath, James T Erbaugh, Beria Leimona, Sacha Amaruzaman, Nana P Rahadian, and L. Roman Carrasco
Unraveling heterogeneity in the importance of ecosystem services: individual views of smallholders
Alejandra Tauro, Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Eduardo García-Frapolli, Elena Lazos Chavero, and Patricia Balvanera
Community empowerment for managing wild boar: a longitudinal case study of northern Italy 2001–2018
Stefano Giacomelli, Michael Gibbert, and Roberto Viganň
Learning-based intervention for river restoration: analyzing the lack of outcomes in the Ljusnan River basin, Sweden
Peter M. Rudberg and Mattijs Smits
Toward an alternative dialogue between the social and natural sciences
Johannes Persson, Alf Hornborg, Lennart Olsson, and Henrik Thorén
Controversies in social-ecological systems: lessons from a major red tide crisis on Chiloe Island, Chile
Aldo Mascareńo, Rodrigo Cordero, Gabriela Azócar, Marco Billi, Pablo A. Henríquez, and Gonzalo A. Ruz
Inspired by structured decision making: a collaborative approach to the governance of multiple forest values
Johanna Johansson, Camilla Sandström, and Tomas Lundmark
Community based aquaculture in the western Indian Ocean: challenges and opportunities for developing sustainable coastal livelihoods
Mebrahtu Ateweberhan, Joanna Hudson, Antoine Rougier, Narriman S. Jiddawi, Flower E. Msuya, Selina M. Stead, and Alasdair Harris
Analysis of social-ecological dynamics driving conflict in linked surface-groundwater systems
S. Andrew McGuire and Timothy J. Ehlinger
Finding an academic space: reflexivity among sustainability researchers
Ĺsa Knaggĺrd, Barry Ness, and David Harnesk
Community forestry frameworks in sub-Saharan Africa and the impact on sustainable development
Lalisa A. Duguma, Joanes Atela, Alemayehu N. Ayana, Dieudonne Alemagi, Mathew Mpanda, Moses Nyago, Peter A. Minang, Judith M. Nzyoka, Divine Foundjem-Tita, and Cécile Ngo Ntamag-Ndjebet
Governance for adaptive capacity and resilience in the U.S. water sector
Karen J Baehler and Jennifer C Biddle
Failed promises: governance regimes and conflict transformation related to Jatropha cultivation in Ethiopia
Fekadu A Tufa, Aklilu Amsalu, and E. B. Zoomers
Rethinking capitalist transformation of fisheries in South Africa and India
Ajit Menon, Merle Sowman, and Maarten Bavinck
Social constraints in cross-boundary collaborative deer management
Katrin Prager, Altea Lorenzo-Arribas, Hans Bull, Mikkel Slaaen Kvernstuen, Leif Egil Loe, and Atle Mysterud
Economic inequality and institutional adaptation in response to flood hazards: a historical analysis
Bas van Bavel, Daniel R. Curtis, and Tim Soens
Demographic variability and scales of agreement and disagreement over resource management restrictions
Tim R McClanahan and Caroline A Abunge
The societal relevance of river restoration
Jutta Deffner and Peter Haase
Multiscale spatial planning to maintain forest connectivity in the Argentine Chaco in the face of deforestation
Sebastián A Torrella, María Piquer-Rodríguez, Christian Levers, Rubén Ginzburg, Gregorio Gavier-Pizarro, and Tobias Kuemmerle
Harnessing local knowledge for scientific knowledge production: challenges and pitfalls within evidence-based sustainability studies
Johannes Persson, Emma L. Johansson, and Lennart Olsson
At the nexus of problem-solving and critical research
Yahia Mahmoud, Anne Jerneck, Annica Kronsell, and Karin Steen
Ecosystem services between integration and economics imperialism
Henrik Thorén and Sanna Stĺlhammar
Factors influencing ranchers’ intentions to manage for vegetation heterogeneity and promote cross-boundary management in the northern Great Plains
Maggi S. Sliwinski, Mark E. Burbach, Larkin A. Powell, and Walter H. Schacht
Perceiving resilience: understanding people’s intuitions about the qualities of air, water, and soil
Terre Satterfield, Mary B Collins, and Barbara Herr Harthorn
Understanding what shapes varying perceptions of the procedural fairness of transboundary environmental decision-making processes
Matthew Hamilton
Keeping the land: indigenous communities’ struggle over land use and sustainable forest management in Kalimantan, Indonesia
Elizabeth Linda Yuliani, Edwin B. P. de Jong, Luuk Knippenberg, Denny O. Bakara, Mohammad Agus Salim, and Terry Sunderland
Viability of community forests as social enterprises: A Cameroon case study
Divine Foundjem-Tita, Lalisa A. Duguma, Stijn Speelman, and Serge M. Piabuo
A framework for incorporating sense of place into the management of marine systems
Ingrid E. van Putten, Éva E. Plagányi, Kate Booth, Christopher Cvitanovic, Rachel Kelly, Andre E Punt, and Shane A Richards
Nontimber forest products as ecological and biocultural keystone species
Charlie M. Shackleton, Tamara Ticktin, and Anthony B. Cunningham
Systemic resilience: principles and processes for a science of change in contexts of adversity
Michael Ungar
A review of the social-ecological systems framework: applications, methods, modifications, and challenges
Stefan Partelow
Comparative studies of water governance: a systematic review
Gül Özerol, Joanne Vinke-de Kruijf, Marie Claire Brisbois, Cesar Casiano Flores, Pranjal Deekshit, Corentin Girard, Christian Knieper, S. Jalal Mirnezami, Mar Ortega-Reig, Pranay Ranjan, Nadine J. S. Schröder, and Barbara Schröter
Social-ecological systems as complex adaptive systems: organizing principles for advancing research methods and approaches
Rika Preiser, Reinette Biggs, Alta De Vos, and Carl Folke
Drylab 2023: living a possible future with resource scarcity
Marco A Janssen, Adriene Jenik, Sarra Z Tekola, Krista L Davis, Shalae Flores, Willa Gibbs, Molly Koehn, Valerie Lyons, Cydnei Mallory, Sydney Rood, Séverin Guelpa, and Luz-Andrea Pfister
Framework for a collaborative process to increase preparation for drought on U.S. public rangelands
Julie Brugger, Kelsey L. Hawkes, Anne M. Bowen, and Mitchel P. McClaran
Linking marine conservation and Indigenous cultural revitalization: First Nations free themselves from externally imposed social-ecological traps
Lauren E. Eckert, Natalie C. Ban, Snxakila-Clyde Tallio, and Nancy Turner
Integrating sense of place into ecosystem restoration: a novel approach to achieve synergistic social-ecological impact
Kelly M. Kibler, Geoffrey S. Cook, Lisa G. Chambers, Melinda Donnelly, Timothy L. Hawthorne, Fernando I. Rivera, and Linda Walters
Iconic images, symbols, and archetypes: their function in art and science
Frances R Westley and Carl Folke
Preparing the next generation of sustainability scientists
Alexander K. Killion, Kelley Sterle, Emily N. Bondank, Jillian R. Drabik, Abhinandan Bera, Sara Alian, Kristen A. Goodrich, Marcia Hale, Rachel A. Myer, Quang Phung, Aaron M. Shew, and Anastasia W. Thayer
Structured decision analysis informed by traditional ecological knowledge as a tool to strengthen subsistence systems in a changing Arctic
Katherine S. Christie, Tuula E. Hollmen, Henry P. Huntington, and James R. Lovvorn
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