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Table of Contents: Volume 23, Issue 3

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Prioritizing enablers for effective community forestry in Cameroon
Lalisa A. Duguma, Peter A. Minang, Divine Foundjem-Tita, Parmutia Makui, and Serge Mandiefe Piabuo
Creating transformative spaces for dialogue and action: reflecting on the experience of the Southern Africa Food Lab
Scott Drimie, Ralph Hamann, Annie P. Manderson, and Norah Mlondobozi
Social-ecological systems influence ecosystem service perception: a Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS) analysis
Cristina Quintas-Soriano, Jodi S Brandt, Katrina Running, Colden V. Baxter, Dainee M. Gibson, Jenna Narducci, and Antonio J. Castro
Increasing social-ecological resilience within small-scale agriculture in conflict-affected Guatemala
Jon Hellin, Blake D. Ratner, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, and Santiago Lopez-Ridaura
Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a tool for biocultural landscape restoration in northern Veracruz, Mexico: a case study in El Tajín region
Noé Velázquez-Rosas, Evodia Silva-Rivera, Betsabé Ruiz-Guerra, Samaria Armenta-Montero, and Jesús Trejo González
“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”? The conflict imperative and the slow fight against environmental injustice in northern Peruvian Amazon
Martí Orta-Martínez, Lorenzo Pellegrini, and Murat Arsel
Transdisciplinary research as transformative space making for sustainability: enhancing propoor transformative agency in periurban contexts
Fiona Marshall, Jonathan Dolley, and Ritu Priya
The Regime Shifts Database: a framework for analyzing regime shifts in social-ecological systems
Reinette Biggs, Garry D Peterson, and Juan C. Rocha
Implementing strategies to overcome social-ecological traps: the role of community brokers and institutional bricolage in a locally managed marine area
Dirk J. Steenbergen and Carol Warren
Seeking unconventional alliances and bridging innovations in spaces for transformative change: the seed sector and agricultural sustainability in Argentina
Patrick van Zwanenberg, Almendra Cremaschi, Martin Obaya, Anabel Marin, and Vanesa Lowenstein
Who benefits from seafood trade? A comparison of social and market structures in small-scale fisheries
Elizabeth Drury O'Neill, Beatrice Crona, Alice Joan G. Ferrer, Robert Pomeroy, and Narriman S. Jiddawi
Photovoice for mobilizing insights on human well-being in complex social-ecological systems: case studies from Kenya and South Africa
Vanessa A. Masterson, Shauna L. Mahajan, and Maria Tengö
Effects of fisheries management on local ecological knowledge
Emily R. Farr, Joshua S. Stoll, and Christine M. Beitl
Can income diversification resolve social-ecological traps in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture in the global south? A case study of response diversity in the Tam Giang lagoon, central Vietnam
Tong Thi Hai Hanh and Wiebren J Boonstra
Complex effects of natural disasters on protected areas through altering telecouplings
Jindong Zhang, Thomas Connor, Hongbo Yang, Zhiyun Ouyang, Shuxin Li, and Jianguo Liu
Social-ecological resilience in indigenous coastal edge contexts
Monica E. Mulrennan and Véronique Bussières
Mangroves, fishers, and the struggle for adaptive comanagement: applying the social-ecological systems framework to a marine extractive reserve (RESEX) in Brazil
Stefan Partelow, Marion Glaser, Sofía Solano Arce, Roberta Sá Leitão Barboza, and Achim Schlüter
Spatial patterns of seasonal crop production suggest coordination within and across dryland agricultural systems of Hawaiʻi Island
Aurora K. Kagawa-Viviani, Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, Seth Quintus, Matthew P. Lucas, and Thomas W. Giambelluca
The implications of group norms for adaptation in collectively managed agricultural systems: evidence from Sri Lankan paddy farmers
Arielle Tozier de la Poterie, Emily K. Burchfield, and Amanda R. Carrico
Reframing the sustainable development goals to achieve sustainable development in the Anthropocene—a systems approach
Michelle M. L. Lim, Peter Søgaard Jørgensen, and Carina A Wyborn
The dynamics of purposeful change: a model
Howard Silverman and Gregory M Hill
Food as a daily art: ideas for its use as a method in development practice
L. Jamila Haider and Frederik J. W. van Oudenhoven
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