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Table of Contents: Volume 23, Issue 1

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Guest Editorial
Introduction to the Special Feature Practicing Panarchy: Assessing legal flexibility, ecological resilience, and adaptive governance in regional water systems experiencing rapid environmental change
Barbara A. Cosens, Lance Gunderson, and Brian C. Chaffin
Adaptive pathways and coupled infrastructure: seven centuries of adaptation to water risk and the production of vulnerability in Mexico City
Beth Tellman, Julia C. Bausch, Hallie Eakin, John M. Anderies, Marisa Mazari-Hiriart, David Manuel-Navarrete, and Charles L. Redman
The agrarian metabolism as a tool for assessing agrarian sustainability, and its application to Spanish agriculture (1960-2008)
Gloria I Guzmán, Eduardo Aguilera, Roberto García-Ruiz, Eva Torremocha, David Soto-Fernández, Juan Infante-Amate, and Manuel González de Molina
Systematic evaluation of scenario assessments supporting sustainable integrated natural resources management: evidence from four case studies in Africa
Julia Reinhardt, Stefan Liersch, Mohamed Arbi Abdeladhim, Mori Diallo, Chris Dickens, Samuel Fournet, Fred Fokko Hattermann, Clovis Kabaseke, Moses Muhumuza, Marloes L. Mul, Tobias Pilz, Ilona M. Otto, and Ariane Walz
Learning from collaborative research on sustainably managing fresh water: implications for ethical research–practice engagement
Margaret L Ayre, Philip J Wallis, and Katherine A Daniell
Creating legal rights for rivers: lessons from Australia, New Zealand, and India
Erin L. O'Donnell and Julia Talbot-Jones
Quantifying uncertainty and trade-offs in resilience assessments
Craig R. Allen, Hannah E. Birge, David G. Angeler, Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Brian C. Chaffin, Daniel A. DeCaro, Ahjond S. Garmestani, and Lance Gunderson
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