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Table of Contents: Volume 22, Issue 4

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Who's in charge here anyway? Polycentric governance configurations and the development of policy on invasive alien species in the semisovereign Caribbean
Jetske Vaas, Peter P. J. Driessen, Mendel Giezen, Frank van Laerhoven, and Martin J Wassen
Resilience to hazards: rice farmers in the Mahanadi Delta, India
John M. Duncan, Emma L. Tompkins, Jadunandan Dash, and Basundhara Tripathy
Mainstreaming ecosystem services in state-level conservation planning: progress and future needs
Ryan R. Noe, Bonnie L. Keeler, Michael A. Kilgore, Steven J. Taff, and Stephen Polasky
How does network governance affect social-ecological fit across the land–sea interface? An empirical assessment from the Lesser Antilles
Jeremy Pittman and Derek Armitage
A new approach to conservation: using community empowerment for sustainable well-being
Alaka Wali, Diana Alvira, Paula S Tallman, Ashwin Ravikumar, and Miguel O Macedo
Restoring the environment, revitalizing the culture: cenote conservation in Yucatan, Mexico
Yolanda Lopez-Maldonado and Fikret Berkes
Agriculture production as a major driver of the Earth system exceeding planetary boundaries
Bruce M. Campbell, Douglas J. Beare, Elena M. Bennett, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, John S. I. Ingram, Fernando Jaramillo, Rodomiro Ortiz, Navin Ramankutty, Jeffrey A. Sayer, and Drew Shindell
Differences in resource management affects drought vulnerability across the borders between Iraq, Syria, and Turkey
Lina Eklund and Darcy Thompson
Intergroup cooperation prevents resource exhaustion but undermines intra-group cooperation in the common-pool resource experiment
Karolina Safarzynska
Telecoupling Toolbox: spatially explicit tools for studying telecoupled human and natural systems
Francesco Tonini and Jianguo Liu
Potentialities and constraints in the relation between social innovation and public policies: some lessons from South America
Ariel Gordon, Lucas D. Becerra, and Mariano Fressoli
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