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Table of Contents: Volume 22, Issue 3

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Enacting resilience for adaptive water governance: a case study of irrigation modernization in an Australian catchment
Margaret L. Ayre and Ruth A. Nettle
Balancing carrots and sticks in REDD+: implications for social safeguards
Amy E. Duchelle, Claudio de Sassi, Pamela Jagger, Marina Cromberg, Anne M. Larson, William D. Sunderlin, Stibniati S. Atmadja, Ida Aju Pradnja Resosudarmo, and Christy Desta Pratama
Coproduced game-changing in transformative social innovation: reconnecting the “broken city” of Rio de Janeiro
Carla Cipolla, Rita Afonso, Bonno Pel, Roberto Bartholo, ╔dison Renato Silva, and DomÝcio Proenša J˙nior
Troublemaking carnivores: conflicts with humans in a diverse assemblage of large carnivores
Andrea T. Morehouse and Mark S. Boyce
Do ecosystem services provide an added value compared to existing forest planning approaches in Central Europe?
Markus A. Meyer and Christoph Schulz
Where you stand depends on where you sit: qualitative inquiry into notions of fire adaptation
Hannah Brenkert-Smith, James R Meldrum, Patricia A Champ, and Christopher M Barth
Polarization and clustering in scientific debates and problem framing: network analysis of the science-policy interface for grassland management in China
Aitong Li and Masaru Yarime
The role of agroforestry in building livelihood resilience to floods and drought in semiarid Kenya
Amy Quandt, Henry Neufeldt, and J. Terrence McCabe
The science and politics of human well-being: a case study in cocreating indicators for Puget Sound restoration
Kelly Biedenweg, Haley Harguth, and Kari Stiles
Environmental justice research shows the importance of social feedbacks in ecosystem service trade-offs
Neil M. Dawson, Kenneth Grogan, Adrian Martin, Ole Mertz, Maya Pasgaard, and Laura Vang Rasmussen
Inter- and transdisciplinary scenario construction to explore future land-use options in southern Amazonia
Regine Sch÷nenberg, RŘdiger Schaldach, Tobia Lakes, Jan G÷pel, and Florian Gollnow
Coordination and health sector adaptation to climate change in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
Daniel Gilfillan, Thu T. Nguyen, and Ha T. Pham
Rivers and streams in the media: a content analysis of ecosystem services
Matthew A. Weber, Shannon Caplan, Paul Ringold, and Karen Blocksom
Robust-yet-fragile nature of partly engineered social-ecological systems: a case study of coastal Bangladesh
Asif Ishtiaque, Nikhil Sangwan, and David J. Yu
How small communities respond to environmental change: patterns from tropical to polar ecosystems
Henry P. Huntington, Alpina Begossi, Shari Fox Gearheard, Beth Kersey, Philip A. Loring, Tero Mustonen, Prakash K. Paudel, Renato A. M. Silvano, and Ron Vave
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