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Table of Contents: Volume 22, Issue 2

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Policy choice framework: guiding policy makers in changing farmer behavior
Geoff Kaine, Justine Young, Ruth Lourey, and Suzie Greenhalgh
Balancing stability and flexibility in adaptive governance: an analysis of tools available in U.S. environmental law
Robin Kundis Craig, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Craig R. Allen, Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Hannah Birgé, Daniel A DeCaro, Alexander K. Fremier, Hannah Gosnell, and Edella Schlager
Creative convergence: exploring biocultural diversity through art
Jean L. Polfus, Deborah Simmons, Michael Neyelle, Walter Bayha, Frederick Andrew, Leon Andrew, Bethann G. Merkle, Keren Rice, and Micheline Manseau
Corruption risks, management practices, and performance in water service delivery in Kenya and Ghana: an agent-based model
Francesc Bellaubi and Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Locating financial incentives among diverse motivations for long-term private land conservation
Matthew J. Selinske, Benjamin Cooke, Nooshin Torabi, Mathew J. Hardy, Andrew T. Knight, and Sarah A Bekessy
The drama of resilience: learning, doing, and sharing for sustainability
Katrina Brown, Natalia Eernstman, Alexander R Huke, and Nick Reding
Wood-based bioenergy in western Montana: the importance of understanding path dependence and local context for resilience
Tyler A. Beeton and Kathleen A. Galvin
“Everything revolves around the herring”: the Heiltsuk–herring relationship through time
Alisha M. Gauvreau, Dana Lepofsky, Murray Rutherford, and Mike Reid
Save water or save wildlife? Water use and conservation in the central Sierran foothill oak woodlands of California, USA
Lynn Huntsinger, Tracy V. Hruska, Jose L. Oviedo, Matthew W. K. Shapero, Glenn A. Nader, Roger S. Ingram, and Steven R. Beissinger
Obstacles to developing sustainable cities: the real estate rigidity trap
V. Kelly Turner
Beyond sustainability criteria and principles in palm oil production: addressing consumer concerns through insetting
Faisal M Mohd Noor, Anja Gassner, Anne Terheggen, and Philip Dobie
Identifying and categorizing cobenefits in state-supported Australian indigenous environmental management programs: international research implications
Marcus Barber and Sue Jackson
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