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Table of Contents: Volume 2, Issue 2

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Novelty, Rigor, and Diversity
C. S. Holling
Two Cultures of Ecology
C. S. Holling
Local vs. Landscape Effects of Woody Field Borders as Barriers to Crop Pest Movement
Rod Bhar and Lenore Fahrig
Sustainability and Resilience in Boreal Regions: Sources and Consequences of Variability
John Pastor, Steve Light, and Laurie Sovell
Monitoring Impacts of Natural Resource Extraction on Lemurs of the Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar
Adina Merenlender, Claire Kremen, Marius Rakotondratsima, and Andrew Weiss
Modeling Forest Succession among Ecological Land Units in Northern Minnesota
George Host and John Pastor
In Situ Behavioral Response of Common Loons Associated with Elevated Mercury (Hg) Exposure
Joseph J Nocera and Philip D Taylor
Winter Responses of Forest Birds to Habitat Corridors and Gaps
Colleen Cassady St. Clair, Marc Bélisle, André Desrochers, and Susan Hannon
Tracking the Genetic Effects of Global Warming: Drosophila and Other Model Systems
Francisco Rodríguez-Trelles, Miguel A Rodríguez, and Samuel M Scheiner
Variability in Fire Frequency and Forest Composition in Canada's Southeastern Boreal Forest: A Challenge for Sustainable Forest Management
Yves Bergeron, Pierre J.H. Richard, Christopher Carcaillet, Sylvie Gauthier, Mike Flannigan, and Yves T Prairie
Disturbance Severity and Threshold Responses in the Boreal Forest
Lee E Frelich and Peter B Reich
Silviculture's Role in Managing Boreal Forests
Russell T Graham and Theresa B Jain
Bridging the Gap Between Economics and Ecology
Larry Leefers and Gem Castillo
Incentive Systems That Support Sustainability: A First Nations Example
Ronald L Trosper
An Evaluation of Integrated Climate Protection Policies for the United States
Stephen Bernow and Max Duckworth
Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystems in Boreal Regions
David Schindler
Ecological Sustainability of Birds in Boreal Forests
Gerald Niemi, JoAnn Hanowski, Pekka Helle, Robert Howe, Mikko Mönkkönen, Lisa Venier, and Daniel Welsh
Mammalian Herbivores in the Boreal Forests: Their Numerical Fluctuations and Use by Man
Kjell Danell, Tomas Willebrand, and Leonid Baskin
Sustainable Development of the Boreal Forest: Interaction of Ecological, Social, and Business Feedbacks
F. Stuart Chapin and Gail Whiteman
Managing Science/Management Partnerships: A Challenge of Adaptive Management
A response to: Walters. 1997. “Challenges in adaptive management of riparian and coastal ecosystems”
Kevin Rogers
Determining Keystone Species
A response to: De Leo and Levin. 1997. “The Multifaceted Aspects of Ecosystem Integrity”
Larisa Khanina
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