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Table of Contents: Volume 19, Issue 1

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Guest Editorial
Conclusions: Reframing the Possibilities for Natural and Social Science Dialogue on the Economic History of Natural Resources
Rosemary E. Ommer and Barbara Paterson
Beyond Carbon: Enabling Justice and Equity in REDD+ Across Levels of Governance
Heike Schroeder and Constance McDermott
Is Education a Key to Reducing Vulnerability to Natural Disasters and hence Unavoidable Climate Change?
Raya Muttarak and Wolfgang Lutz
The Chilika Lagoon Social-Ecological System: An Historical Analysis
Prateep K. Nayak
Social-Ecological Collapse: TURF Governance in the Context of Highly Variable Resources in Chile
Jaime A. Aburto, Wolfgang B. Stotz, and Georgina Cundill
Conservation and Unscripted Development: Proximity to Park Associated with Development and Financial Diversity
Timothy D. Baird
Perceived Benefits of Fisheries Management Restrictions in Madagascar
Tim R. McClanahan, Joshua E. Cinner, Caroline Abunge, Ando Rabearisoa, Paubert Mahatante, Frederick Ramahatratra, and Norbert Andrianarivelo
Assessing the Effectiveness of Payments for Ecosystem Services: an Agent-Based Modeling Approach
Xiaodong Chen, Andrés Viña, Ashton Shortridge, Li An, and Jianguo Liu
Ecosystem Services are Social–ecological Services in a Traditional Pastoral System: the Case of California’s Mediterranean Rangelands
Lynn Huntsinger and José L. Oviedo
Exploring the Contribution of Fiscal Transfers to Protected Area Policy
Maud Borie, Raphaël Mathevet, Aurélien Letourneau, Irene Ring, John D. Thompson, and Pascal Marty
Adapting Human Well-being Frameworks for Ecosystem Service Assessments across Diverse Landscapes
Amy Villamagna and Craig Giesecke
Integrative Scenario Development
Joerg A. Priess and Jennifer Hauck
Eliciting Mental Models: a Comparison of Interview Procedures in the Context of Natural Resource Management
Natalie A Jones, Helen Ross, Timothy Lynam, and Pascal Perez
Development and Use of a Bioeconomic Model for Management of Mussel Fisheries under Different Nutrient Regimes in the Temperate Estuary of the Limfjord, Denmark
Karen Timmermann, Grete E. Dinesen, Stiig Markager, Lars Ravn-Jonsen, Marc Bassompierre, Eva Roth, and Josianne G. Støttrup
Overfishing Drivers and Opportunities for Recovery in Small-Scale Fisheries of the Midriff Islands Region, Gulf of California, Mexico: the Roles of Land and Sea Institutions in Fisheries Sustainability
Ana Cinti, Jennifer N. Duberstein, Esteban Torreblanca, and Marcia Moreno-Báez
Estimating the Adaptive Capacity of Local Communities at Marine Protected Areas in Latin America: a Practical Approach
Jorge H. Maldonado and Rocio del Pilar Moreno-Sánchez
Assessing Changes in Fisheries Using Fishers’ Knowledge to Generate Long Time Series of Catch Rates: a Case Study from the Red Sea
Dawit Tesfamichael, Tony J. Pitcher, and Daniel Pauly
Indigenous Institutions and Their Role in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience: Evidence from the 2009 Tsunami in American Samoa
Andrew Rumbach and Dolores Foley
Interactions Among Ecosystem Services Across Land Uses in a Floodplain Agroecosystem
María R. Felipe-Lucia, Francisco A. Comín, and Elena M. Bennett
Indigenous Peoples in UN REDD+ Negotiations: “Importing Power” and Lobbying for Rights through Discursive Interplay Management
Linda Wallbott
Ecosystem Services and Abrupt Transformations in a Coastal Wetland Social-Ecological System: Tubul-Raqui after the 2010 Earthquake in Chile
Andrés Marín, Stefan Gelcich, and Juan Carlos Castilla
Applying the Concept of Fit to Water Governance Reforms in South Africa
Elke Herrfahrdt-Pähle
Uneven Access and Underuse of Ecological Amenities in Urban Parks of the Río Piedras Watershed
Luis E. Santiago, Julio C. Verdejo Ortiz, Raul Santiago-Bartolomei, Elvia J. Melendez-Ackerman, and Diana C. Garcia-Montiel
Resilience Pivots: Stability and Identity in a Social-Ecological-Cultural System
Stephanie J. Rotarangi and Janet Stephenson
Learning in Adaptive Management: Insights from Published Practice
Christo Fabricius and Georgina Cundill
Balancing Ecosystem Services and Disservices: Smallholder Farmers’ Use and Management of Forest and Trees in an Agricultural Landscape in Southwestern Ethiopia
Tola Gemechu Ango, Lowe Börjeson, Feyera Senbeta, and Kristoffer Hylander
Forest Management Approaches for Coping with the Uncertainty of Climate Change: Trade-Offs in Service Provisioning and Adaptability
Sven Wagner, Susanna Nocentini, Franka Huth, and Marjanke Hoogstra-Klein
Independent Associations of Maternal Education and Household Wealth with Malaria Risk in Children
José G. Siri
Assessing Resilience in Stressed Watersheds
Kristine T. Nemec, Joana Chan, Christina Hoffman, Trisha L. Spanbauer, Joseph A. Hamm, Craig R. Allen, Trevor Hefley, Donald Pan, and Prabhakar Shrestha
The Tragedy of the Park: an Agent-based Model of Endogenous and Exogenous Institutions for Forest Management
Elena Vallino
Application of the SES Framework for Model-based Analysis of the Dynamics of Social-Ecological Systems
Maja Schlüter, Jochen Hinkel, Pieter W. G. Bots, and Robert Arlinghaus
Food Sources and Accessibility and Waste Disposal Patterns across an Urban Tropical Watershed: Implications for the Flow of Materials and Energy
Diana C. Garcia-Montiel, Julio C. Verdejo-Ortiz, Raul Santiago-Bartolomei, Cristina P. Vila-Ruiz, Luis Santiago, and Elvia Melendez-Ackerman
Social Capital and Social-Ecological Resilience in the Asteroussia Mountains, Southern Crete, Greece
Thanasis Kizos, Vassilis Detsis, Theodoros Iosifides, and Minas Metaxakis
Drivers of Change in Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes: Implications for Better Management
Hongyan Gu and Suneetha M. Subramanian
“We Like to Listen to Stories about Fish”: Integrating Indigenous Ecological and Scientific Knowledge to Inform Environmental Flow Assessments
Sue E. Jackson, Michael M. Douglas, Mark J. Kennard, Brad J. Pusey, Jabal Huddleston, Bill Harney, Lenny Liddy, Mona Liddy, Robert Liddy, Lizzy Sullivan, Brenda Huddleston, Melissa Banderson, Andrew McMah, and Quentin Allsop
A Classification of Landscape Services to Support Local Landscape Planning
María Vallés-Planells, Francisco Galiana, and Veerle Van Eetvelde
Sustainability of Human Ecological Niche Construction
Forest Isbell and Michel Loreau
Can Payments for Ecosystem Services Contribute to Adaptation to Climate Change? Insights from a Watershed in Kenya
Isabel van de Sand, John K. Mwangi, and Sara Namirembe
The Oak Ridges Moraine as a Social Innovation: Strategic Vision as a Social-Ecological Interaction
Daniel D. P. McCarthy, Graham S. Whitelaw, Frances R. Westley, Debbe D. Crandall, and David Burnett
Priming the Governance System for Climate Change Adaptation: The Application of a Social-Ecological Inventory to Engage Actors in Niagara, Canada
Julia Baird, Ryan Plummer, and Kerrie Pickering
Book Review
Book Review: Plieninger, T., and C. Bieling. 2012. Resilience and the Cultural Landscape – Understanding and Managing Change in Human-Shaped Environments. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
Jennifer Hauck
An Integrated Approach to Analyzing (Adaptive) Comanagement Using the “Politicized” IAD Framework
Luke Whaley and Edward K. Weatherhead
Acknowledging Trade-offs and Understanding Complexity: Exurbanization Issues in Macon County, North Carolina
Richard A. Vercoe, M. Welch-Devine, Dean Hardy, J. A. Demoss, S. N. Bonney, K. Allen, Peter Brosius, D. Charles, B. Crawford, S. Heisel, Nik Heynen, R. G. de Jesús-Crespo, N. Nibbelink, L. Parker, Cathy Pringle, A. Shaw, and L. Van Sant
Examining Enabling Conditions for Community-Based Fisheries Comanagement: Comparing Efforts in Hawai‘i and American Samoa
Arielle S. Levine and Laurie S. Richmond
People, Power, and the Coast: a Conceptual Framework for Understanding and Implementing Benefit Sharing
Rachel Wynberg and Maria Hauck
Revisiting the Environmental and Socioeconomic Effects of Population Growth: a Fundamental but Fading Issue in Modern Scientific, Public, and Political Circles
Camilo Mora
Social Justice and Adaptation in the UK
Magnus Benzie
Summary: Addressing the Interactional Challenges of Moving Collaborative Adaptive Management From Theory to Practice
Kathi K. Beratan
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