Table 2. Research foci and methodologies in the dry alpine region Visp.

Research Field Research Foci Methodology References
Ecology Impact of drought on growth and mortality of mature trees. Adaptive potential to drought of native and non-native tree species. x x Bigler et al. 2006, Brunner et al. 2009, Dobbertin et al. 2010, Eilmann et al. 2010, 2011, Eilmann and Rigling 2012, Rigling et al. 2013.
Effects of drought on inter-specific competition, insects, pathogens, parasites and its impact on growth and mortality of mature trees. x x Weber et al. 2008a, Wermelinger et al. 2008, Zweifel et al. 2009, Rigling et al. 2010, Heiniger et al. 2011
The role of disturbances, climate and competition on forest regeneration. x x Moser et al. 2010, Richter et al. 2012
Impact of past forest management such as grazing or litter raking on forest dynamics. x x Weber et al. 2008b, Gimmi et al. 2010
Calibration of models addressing climate impacts at the landscape scale (LandClim, mechanistic model of landscape dynamics). x x Schumacher and Bugmann 2006, Elkin and Bugmann 2010, Elkin et al. 2012, 2013
Testing management options to increase stand heterogeneity and tree resistance against drought. x Rigling et al. 2012, Elkin et al. 2013
Ecology &
Modeling concomitant effects of climate and land-use change on the provision of ecosystem goods and services. x Briner 2012, Briner et al. 2012b
Socioeconomics Constructing consistent regional multiscale scenarios by transdisciplinary processes. x Brand et al. 2012
Policy Role of network governance in enhancing sustainable development in mountain areas. x Ingold et al. 2010, Hirschi 2010
Governance modes of adaptation measures in Canton Valais. x Widmer and Hirschi, unpublished manuscript
S = (Field) Survey; E = Experiments; M = Modeling