Table 1. Research foci and methodologies in the wooded pastures of the Jura Mountains.

Research Field Research Foci Methodology References
Ecology Diachronic and synchronic comparative studies at landscape scale: identifying patterns, integrated trends and issues in wooded pastures of the Jura Mountains. x x Buttler et al. 2009, Chételat et al. 2013
Fine-scale monitoring and manipulative field experiments to improve the understanding of environmental determinants of tree establishment, growth, and mortality as well as the impact of cattle activities on vegetation, habitat use, and soils. x x Kohler et al. 2004a,b, 2006a,b, Smit et al. 2005, Vandenberghe et al. 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, Gillet et al. 2010
Assessment of carbon fluxes, soil respiration, aboveground and belowground biomass, community structure, & dynamics under climate change. x Gavazov et al. 2013
Spatially explicit, hierarchical modeling of landscape dynamics considering grassland dynamics and grazing effects. x Gillet 2008, Gillet et al. 2010, Peringer et al. 2013
Ecology &
Modeling social-ecological feedbacks in the implementation of payments for environmental services in pasture-woodlands. x Huber et al. 2012, 2013b Buttler et al. 2012
Policy Role of agricultural policy network in the support of wooded pastures. x Hirschi et al. 2012
Governance modes of adaptation measures in Canton Jura. x Widmer and Hirschi, unpublished manuscript
S = (Field) Survey; E = Experiments; M = Modeling