Fig. 5. Illustrative example of selected ecosystem services bundles in the tourism dominated region Davos under a trend and a climate change scenario. The figure shows a simulated spatial pattern of summed values of avalanche protection (aval), recreation (rec), carbon sequestration (CO2), habitat provision (hab), and timber production (timb) for two different forest areas. Priority ecosystem services exhibit the highest value in specific forest plots. Areas with avalanche protection as priority ecosystem service in yellow provide also recreation, C-sequestration, habitat services, and timber as ecosystem goods and services (EGS) of varying values. Areas with recreation as priority ecosystem service in green provide also C-sequestration, habitat services and timber. Areas with C-sequestration as priority ecosystem service in blue provide also recreation and timber. Bundles of EGS are very similar in both scenarios (adapted from GrÍt-Regamey 2012a).

Fig. 5