Table 4. Physical capacity issues in the Rio Chama case study.

Physical factors
Class I Class II Class III Class IV Class V

El Vado Dam outlet works/hydropower facility capacities
Discharge capacities are greater than flow rates needed by the Optimization Project The outlet works and/or hydropower facility would have to be modified or re-built to accommodate greater flows.

El Vado Dam spillway capacity
The spillway is not needed to meet project goals The spillway is currently unsafe for use. No water is allowed over the spillway, even if its use is needed to meet goals of the Optimization Project

Channel capacity near private property in floodplain
Property located along the channel begins to flood at approximately 170 m3/s. Construction of berms or compensation/ relocation of threatened structures are possible

Evaporative losses at reservoirs
Increased evaporative losses at Abiquiu Reservoir can be managed through negotiations with stakeholders, strategically timed releases of water to minimize evaporative losses, and monetary compensations to water users