Table 1. Characteristics of the sampled unions.

Union Performance Dependency on
benthic resources
of subjects
Maitencillo High (0,8) High (75%) 10
El Quisco High (0,6) Medium (23%) 10
Matanzas A High (0,7) Low (3%) 10
Las Cruces Low (0,11) High (74%) 10
La Boca de Rapel Low (0,19) Medium (25%) 10
Matanzas B§ Low (0,1) Low (3%) 5
This score ranges from 0-1 and is based on the unions’ performance in several dimensions, which are explained in Appendix 1.
This is the union’s degree of dependency on benthic resources (excluding algae) during the last 10 years, expressed as a percentage of official landings measured in metric tons (Sernapesca 2012).
§ Matanzas B had only five participants; it was a small group with few divers willing to participate.