Table 4. Examples of transboundary events.†

Basin name Countries involved Primary issue Date of event Event summary BAR scale‡ Source
Salween Thailand, Myanmar Infrastructure and development March 6, 2007 Ethnic groups (Thai and Mynamar) protest the Thai government to stop building hydroelectric dams on the Salween River, which would displace people in both countries −1 Thai press reports
Salween Thailand, Myanmar Hydropower and hydroelectricity August 4, 2004 Thailand and Myanmar agree to set up a joint venture for the construction of five hydropower dams in the Salween River basin, beginning with Tasang dam 4 Wolf and Newton (2008)
†Source: Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (2012): International Water Event Database (
‡The OSU Basins at Risk (BAR) scale measures the intensity of political interactions, both cooperative and conflictive, between nations. Events are ranked from -7 for international warfare, through 0 for neutral events, to +7 for two nations merging into one.