Table 4. Network cohesion in reform formulation and decision making.

Stage† Formulation Decision Overall
Network size (no. of actors) 22 19 28
Network density (%)
(no. of ties)
Degree centralization (%) 0.82 0.66 0.80
Reciprocity (%) 0.36 0.18 0.31
Transitivity (%) 0.25 0.45 0.29
† Network density is defined as proportion of observed relations in relation to all possible relations. Degree centralization indicates the dependence of the network on one or a small number of actors. Reciprocity shows the share of ties (dyads) in the network that are “confirmed” between two actors. Transitivity displays the degree of ordered triples in which i-->j and j-->k. All network measurements were calculated using dichotomized data. Before calculating network centralization, the data were symmetrized.