Table 2. Synthesis of success factors; note that each success factor like “resource size” has another level (indicators) below it (not shown).

Resource Resource Units Actors Governance
External Environment
RS 1: Resource size
RS 2: Resource boundaries
RS 3: Accessibility
RS 4: Initial ecological condition
RU 1: Manageability
RU 2: Regeneration of RU
A 1: Number of actors
A 2: Group composition
A 3: Social capital
A 4: Dependency on resource
A 5: Dependency on group
GS 1: Group boundaries
GS 2: Participation of users
GS 3: Legal certainty and legitimacy
GS 4: Administration
GS 5: Information
GS 6: Characteristics of rules
GS 7: Fairness
GS 8: Control
GS 9: Compliance
GS 10: Conflict management
EE 1: Exclusion
EE 2: Relations
EE 3: Capabilities to adapt to change