Table 4. Aims, expectations, and outcomes of Farmers Heal the Land, mentioned by interviewed Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) staff and participating farmers.

SCSI staff Farmers
Aims and expectations Outcomes Aims and expectation Outcomes
Activate landowners and others to attend to soil conservation. Change attitudes Landowners show more interest in soil conservation. Care about the land. Change of attitude More land for grazing§ Have more grazing now, higher economic returns, increased land value

Increase others’ knowledge about soil conservation. Educate others

Landowners and others have learned and gained more skills and understanding about soil conservation

Improve condition and/or sight of land, stop erosion

Improved condition/sight of land. Larger area vegetated than before


Cost-efficiency. Landowners contribute more than agreed on in contract

Decrease grazing impact on other land

Protects sensitive land from grazing. Controls grazing

Ownership. Landowners take responsibility for conservation and state of land

Farmers demonstrate ownership of own conservation project
Landowners monitor and maintain results
Better, less destructive grazing regimes

Prepare land for growing trees

Have land for trees, have planted trees

Improve relationship between SCSI and farmers. Gain mutual understanding

Improved relationship between SCSI and farmers
Increased local acceptance of SCSI

Improved relationship between SCSI and farmers

SCSI learning from others

SCSI has learned from farmers

Have learned from district officers
Have personally gained more understanding/skills/
experience in soil conservation
Have personal interest in soil conservation and state of the land. Experiments with revegetation methods by own initiative

Higher quality and sustainability of results

Sustainability of results

Monitors and maintains revegetation results. Proud of results
Personally contributes more than agreed on in contract

Image of SCSI and farmers more positive

Image of SCSI and farmers more positive

Revegetation results “contagious”. Other farmers become interested

Neighbors have become interested by seeing results

Landowners have gained. More grazing, higher economic returns
Aims and expectations with participation in descending order after frequency in interviews. Due to the semi-structured nature of the interviews, the frequency is just an indication and is not statistically significant.
We use the word outcome in a broad sense, meaning perceived changes, benefits—or losses—and other end results, material or nonmaterial, of project activities.
§Mentioned by all interviewed farmers