Table 3. Description of interviewee groups and number of interviews.

Interviewee group No. of interviews
(n = 22)
Description of group Criteria for choice of interviewees
Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) officials 5 Director and managers at the SCSI Relevance to case studies
SCSI district officers 7 District officers, stationed at five SCSI district offices All current (spring 2011) district officers with > 1 year experience
Farmers in Farmers Heal the Land project 9 Farmers taking part in Farmers Heal the Land; two males, three females, and two couples (husband main respondent). All had been in the project for > 14 years, except one, who started in 2006 Involved in project > 5 years, from different parts of Iceland, gender balance
Members of the Hekluskógar collaboration committee 9 Two representatives from SCSI, six from other governmental and nongovernmental organizations, one from local farmers. Current project manager Member of the collaboration committee at some time during the collaboration phase (2005–2007)
Some interviewees belong to more than one group.
The current project manager previously represented Iceland Forest Service in the collaboration committee.