Table 2. Hekluskógar project development and time line.

Time Period History Collaboration committee: role and frequency of meetings
-2005 “Germination phase” Project idea originates and is further developed by a working group within the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI)
2005-2007 “Collaboration phase” Representatives of relevant governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and groups invited to collaborate with SCSI on the project
Collaboration committee established

Meeting held in spring 2005, where farmers and other landowners could express ideas and concerns, and appoint their committee representative

Committee appointed several working groups for planning and promoting the project

Co-ordinate activities, preparation and planning, promotion of project in order to get funding, decisions about project design

Frequent meetings, up to several times per month

2007- “Project phase” May 2007: Contract for 10 years of funding signed between SCSI, Iceland Forest Service, and Ministries of Agriculture and Finance

Hekluskógar executive board responsible for project. One representative each from SCSI, Iceland Forest Service, and the Ministry of Agriculture

Project manager in charge of daily activities. Volunteers involved in tree planting (e.g., summer house owners in area, only few farmers). Tree plants for free. Farmers’ representative on collaboration committee in charge of plant distribution

January 2008: Hekluskógar transferred from Ministry of Agriculture to Ministry of the Environment

May 2010: Directors of SCSI and Iceland Forest Service become the only members of the executive board

New role according to contract: strategic planning, approval of yearly executive plans and financial statements

At least two meetings to be held per year according to contract. Annual general meeting no later than 31 January

Meetings held in reality:
5 June 2008
10 November 2008
8 January 2009
10 May 2010

The committee members were representatives of the following organizations or groups: SCSI; Iceland Forest Service; Soil Conservation Fund; South Forests Farmer Project; The Forest Associations of Rangárvallasýsla and Árnessýsla: local farmers of the Hekluskógar area. (Source: Hekluskógar collaboration committee 2005, Hreinn Óskarsson, personal communication, meeting minutes and other documents from Hekluskógar.)
The meetings listed are the collaboration committee meetings held after Hekluskógar became an independent project and before interviews were conducted with committee members in April–June 2011. Additional meetings might have taken place after that.