Table 1. Summary of elements.
A. Treaty mechanisms and their status in the Okavango treaties.
B. Adaptive governance principles and their status in the Okavango governance structure.

A. Treaty Mechanisms

In treaty?

Water allocation method No Unresolved, ongoing preparation
Extreme events provision Yes Proactive planning approach, including authority to respond
Joint monitoring and information exchange Yes Ongoing and improving
Enforcement No Integrated approach but trade-offs yet to be delineated
Dispute resolution mechanism Yes OKACOM charged with conflict prevention and resolution; consensus; negotiation
Joint management Yes OKACOM
Iterative processes for adaptive management No Not explicit in treaty but may be in governance framework

B. Adaptive governance principles In governance framework? Status
Overlapping levels of control Yes Stakeholders at multiple scales have input
Horizontal and vertical information flow Yes Robust data sharing
Meaningful public participation Yes Advanced participation methods
Local capacity building Yes Local contractors prioritized; collaboration with local stakeholders
Authority to respond Unknown Not yet tested