Table 1. Attributes (peatland use options) and their levels in the choice tasks with variable names used in the analysis.

Attribute Level Variable name
Timber production area (ha) 1. Smaller than present state: 700,000 ha Timber
2. Present state: 800,000 ha
3. Larger than present state: 900,000 ha
Peat production area (ha) 1. Peat production ceased: 0 ha, the reduction takes place gradually as the existing production fields are exhausted Peat -
2. Present state: 18,000 ha
3. Larger than present state: 22,000 ha
Peat +
Protection area (% of peatland area) 1. Present state: 9% Protection
2. Larger than present state: 10% Protection
3. Considerably larger than present state: 12%
Restoration area (ha/year) 1. Restoration ceased: 0 ha/year Restor -
2. Present state: 150 ha/year
3. Larger than present state: 300 ha/year
Recreation facilities (routes, resting places, information boards) 1. Less than present state Recreat -
2. Present state
3. More than present state Recreat +
The attribute level describes the basic alternative.
We used dummy coding for the attribute levels in the analysis except that Protection was treated as a continuous variable.