Table 1. Organs and functions of the Regole's customary governance system.

Organs Membership Functions
General Assembly All Regolieri registered in the Community Land Registry. Adopting Orders concerning the regulation of the Regole. Orders are adopted by two-thirds majority vote.
Assembly of Deputies 22 members, of which 11 are elected by General Assembly with a 3-year mandate and 11 are Marighi (heads of individual Regole) with a 1-year mandate. Administrative powers. Decisions are taken by absolute majority vote and a quorum is constituted by 15 deputies.
Executive Committee President and 6 deputies. Taking decisions on emergency matters and proposing programmes for the activities of the Assembly of Deputies as well as executing Orders of the General Assembly.
College of Majors 3 permanent and 2 temporary majors, elected by the General Assembly among the Regolieri.
Monitoring and accounting powers.
Judging Commission 3 Regolieri (with one presiding), nominated by two parties in dispute. The Regolieri have no legal training but are chosen because of their local experience and “ancient” knowledge of the environment, although they are assisted by legal officers. Resolving disputes arising between Regolieri. If a dispute cannot be resolved internally the parties may decide to settle the dispute through the ordinary Court.