Table 1. Strategic spatial plans included in analysis

Year Strategic Spatial Plan Year Strategic Spatial Plan
1929 Plan of General Development - Melbourne 1936† Regional plan for Stockholm
1954 Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Scheme 1954 1958 Proposal for regional plan for the Stockholm area
1971 Planning Policies for the Melbourne Metropolitan Region 1966† Outline 66 for a Stockholm region plan
1980 Metropolitan Strategy (Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works 1980) 1973 Regional plan 1973 for Stockholm County
1987 Shaping Melbourne’s Future 1978 Regional plan 1978 for the municipalities in Stockholm County (Stockholms läns landsting - Regionplane- och näringslivsnämnden 1982)
1992 A Place to Live 1991 Regional plan 1991 for Stockholm County 1990-2020
1995 Living Suburbs: a policy for metropolitan Melbourne into the 21st Century 2001 Regional Development Plan 2001 for the Stockholm region
2002 Melbourne 2030: planning for sustainable development 2010 Stockholm Regional Development Plan 2010 (Exhibition proposal)
† These two plans were not formally adopted but were used in practice (RTK 2002) and thus included in the analysis.