Table 2. Characteristics of landowner study sites, Western Cape (n = number of respondents at each site).

Variable Wilderness (n = 41) Grabouw (n = 37) Citrusdal (n = 35)
Latitude and longitude 33˚59’32”S, 22˚35’0” E 34˚9’15”S, 19˚0’46”E 32˚35’29.94”S, 19˚0’45”E
Climate † Maritime Mediterranean - high rainfall Mediterranean - semi-arid
Mean annual precipitation (mm) > 1200 < 600 < 300
Mean monthly maximum temperature (°C) 28 in February 29 in February 22 in February
Mean monthly minimum temperature (°C) 14 in July 7 in February 10 in July
Mean property size (ha) 6 300 1700
Primary land use Residential private property highly interspersed with public parklands Agricultural and lifestyle private property moderately interspersed with public parkland Agricultural private property not interspersed with public parklands
Primary agricultural products N/A Apples and grapes Citrus fruit and rooibos
Previous experience working with WFW (% of interviewees) Low (22%) Medium (30%) High (66%)
IAP distribution Dispersed across waterways and upland areas Dispersed across waterways and upland areas Concentrated along waterways
† Climate data are from world weather on-line (