Table 3. The measurement of capacity strength, importance, and confidence

Capacity measure Description
Capacity strength (CS) Refers to how strong a particular capacity is in the community. Participants indicated the extent to which the community group agrees or disagrees with each statement on a four-point scale from “1 = Strongly Disagree” through to “4 = Strongly Agree”
Capacity importance Even if all capacities are strong in a community, each of them does not contribute equally to total community capacity. Some will be more important for this purpose than others according to the community’s assessment (Cheers et al. 2005). On the template, assessment participants indicated the perceived importance of each capacity on a four-point scale from “1 = Not Important” through to “4 = Extremely Important”
Capacity confidence (CC) Reflects the assessment participants’ level of confidence in responding to the capacity indicator. Participants indicated their level of confidence on a four-point scale from “1 = Not Confident” through to “4 = Extremely Confident”. More information needed to be collected if participants were not confident in responding to the indicator.