Table 1. Social and physical characteristics of four jointly managed national parks for which joint management performance indicators were collaboratively developed and evaluated in the Northern Territory, Australia, and the number of interviewees for each park evaluated for performance.

Characteristic Flora River Nature Park Daminmin National Park (Adelaide River Parks) Watarrka National Park East MacDonnell Ranges Parks
Location 120 km southwest Katherine (Northern) 80 km southeast of Darwin (Northern) 450 km southwest of Alice Springs (Southern) 85 km east of Alice Springs (Southern)
Area (km²) 77 109 1056 23
Physical characteristics Mixture of tropical savanna and associated habitats. The main feature is the springs along the river A cluster of five small reserves and conservation areas. Mostly tropical savanna and wetland Mostly comprised of ancient sandstone formations in a dry desert environment A cluster of three small protected areas characterized by red sandstone rock formations with ephemeral water holes
Traditional owners Wardaman people Wulna people Anangu people Arrernte people
Distribution of the traditional owners Most live in indigenous communities near Katherine
Some live out on their country near Flora River Nature Park
Most live in Darwin
Some live in one indigenous community on their country near the parks
Most live in nearby communities outside the park
Some have relocated to Alice Springs
None of the Arrernte people live inside any of these protected areas
Most live in Alice Springs
Some live in a nearby indigenous community on country near the parks.
Indigenous Representative
Northern Land Council (office in Darwin and Katherine) Northern Land Council (Darwin) Central Land Council (Alice Springs) Central Land Council (Alice Springs)
Assessment Period October 2007 to April 2009
(17 months)
January 2008 to October 2009
(22 months)
January 2008 to July 2009
(18 months)
January 2008 to October 2009
(22 months)
Aboriginal traditional owners 17 8 14 11
Parks staff 4 6 5 7