Table 4. Quotations from the Alby, Sweden, dam removal debate about restoration and cultural heritage.

Source of quotation Restoration Cultural heritage
Informants quoted in news articles “...restore the river channel to its natural state” (Anders Sjödin, Statkrafts dam technician)
“Remove the dams and restore nature as near to the original as possible” (Arne Johansson, Miljöpartiet)
“They have been here over 100 years and should stay” (Sten-Ove Danielsson)
“The village did not exist before the dams were built; it is built around the water as it looks today” (Jan Filipsson, opposition organizer)
“The dams have been in place a long time. This is a question of customary law” (Tord Sundquist)
Readers’ online comments to news articles “Nothing could be better than free gushing water and the most natural ecosystems as possible” (Bengt)
“Probably be better with a bit of river flowing freely, even if it is a short stretch” (Haveröbo)
“Ljungan will be more natural than it has been for over 100 years” (Lars-Erik)
“[It will] tear down what we have built up over generations” (Uffe)