Table 6. Examples of comments by respondents from the north on why they would be unwilling to pay for an indigenous Payments for Environmental Services program.

Statement Respondent’s characteristics (Location, gender, age)
“We pay so much and it’s spent on alcohol! They can’t manage their own houses, so won’t be able to manage bush.” Darwin (NT), female, 42
“Through personal dealing I do not believe creating additional jobs for Aboriginal people is cost efficient. ... There needs to be respect and commitment in all areas such as work ethic and general care for the environment we all share.” Palmerston (NT), female, 34
“I will not donate for Aboriginals. They get enough from the government. They don’t give a shit about this country as all the communities look like rubbish tips, and they are the most inhuman when it comes to animals.” Broome (QLD), male, 46
“I feel that I have no obligation to pay for maintenance of ‘private property’.” Darwin (NT), male, 66
“Aboriginal people get far too much for nothing. White Australia is discriminated against. ... maybe evolution left them behind for good reason.” Katherine (NT), male, 37
“Aboriginal people generally have no work ethic whatever.” Broome (WA), male, 62
“The most over subsidised race in the world already.” Darwin (NT), female, 45
“They own the land, they should look after it, not the government or any other Australian.” Palmerston(NT), male, 61
“If it’s ‘their land’, they should look after it. If it’s ‘our land’, then I am willing.” South Hedland (WA), female, 32
“I live in Kununarra and see what giving blacks money does every day. It doesn’t work and neither do they.” Kununarra (WA), male, 50
“Taxes are wasted now. People should be self determining. Too much money given free now.” Broome (WA), male, 44
NT: Northern Territory, QLD: Queensland, WA: Western Australia