Table 3. Respondentsí reasons for not paying, and for paying for an indigenous Payments for Environmental Services program (%).

% of sample N Protest response
Reasons for not paying
Did not think that indigenous PES programs will work 52% 86 No
Believed that it is the government’s duty 24% 40 Yes
Never donate on principle 13% 21 Yes
Already donate to other environmental causes 6% 10 No
Lack of money 4% 6 Yes
Reasons for paying
Maintain a healthy environment 97% 201
Maintain aboriginal culture 75% 157
Contribution to job creation for aboriginal people 65% 135
A protest response is one in which respondents choose the status quo scenario in all presented choice sets, not because they have zero willingness-to-pay for the environmental services provided by indigenous people but because of other reasons (see e.g., Meyerhoff and Liebe 2009 for more details on how to handle protest responses).