Table 1. Measures of fit for water governance regimes and the number of variables used in their derivation.

Explanation Condition variables Institutional variables
F1 Allocation Capacities to manage water shortages relative to level of water scarcity 7 7
F2 Integration Capacities to integrate/coordinate water uses relative to the complexity of uses 6 13
F3 Conservation Capacities to manage water pollution and aquatic ecosystems relative to the level of threats to water quality and ecosystem integrity 6 10
F4 Basinization Capacities to manage at basin level relative to the level of difficulty in controlling flows at basin level 7 3
F5 Participation Capacities to engage stakeholders relative to the diversity of interests 2 8
F6 Adaptation Capacities to manage risks and change relative to the level of variability and uncertainty in water flows 2 15