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Table of Contents: Volume 18, Issue 1

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Guest Editorial
Public Policies and Management of Rural Forests: Lasting Alliance or Fool's Dialogue?
Genevieve Michon, Robert Nasi, and Gérard Balent
Applying Landscape Science to Natural Resource Management
Guy M Robinson and Doris A Carson
Institutional Fit and River Basin Governance: a New Approach Using Multiple Composite Measures
Louis Lebel, Elena Nikitina, Claudia Pahl-Wostl, and Christian Knieper
Legitimacy, Adaptation, and Resilience in Ecosystem Management
Barbara A Cosens
Scale mismatches and reflexive law
A response to: Garmestani and Benson. 2013. “A Framework for Resilience-based Governance of Social-Ecological Systems”
Graeme S. Cumming
How the Endangered Species Act Promotes Unintelligent, Misplaced Tinkering
A response to: Benson. 2012. “Intelligent Tinkering: the Endangered Species Act and Resilience”
Lance Gunderson
Dynamic land cover information: bridging the gap between remote sensing and natural resource management
Richard Thackway, Leo Lymburner, and Juan Pablo Guerschman
A Politicized, Legal Pluralist Analysis of the Commons’ Resilience: The Case of the Regole d’Ampezzo
Margherita Pieraccini
Anticipating and Managing Future Trade-offs and Complementarities between Ecosystem Services
Mark S Reed, Klaus Hubacek, Aletta Bonn, Tim P Burt, Joseph Holden, Lindsay C Stringer, Nesha Beharry-Borg, Sarah Buckmaster, Dan Chapman, Pippa J Chapman, Gareth D Clay, Stephen J Cornell, Andrew J Dougill, Anna C. Evely, Evan D. G. Fraser, Nanlin Jin, Brian J Irvine, Mike J Kirkby, William E Kunin, Christina Prell, Claire H Quinn, Bill Slee, Sigrid Stagl, Mette Termansen, Simon Thorp, and Fred Worrall
The Capacity of Property Rights to Accommodate Social-Ecological Resilience
Richard A Barnes
Community Vulnerability to Floods and Landslides in Nepal
Samir K.C.
A Framework for Resilience-based Governance of Social-Ecological Systems
Ahjond S Garmestani and Melinda Harm Benson
Understanding Public Support for Indigenous Natural Resource Management in Northern Australia
Kerstin K Zander
Does Participatory Planning Foster the Transformation Toward More Adaptive Social-Ecological Systems?
Susanne Menzel and Matthias Buchecker
Ethics and Water Governance
David Groenfeldt and Jeremy J Schmidt
Effects of Educational Attainment on Climate Risk Vulnerability
Erich Striessnig, Wolfgang Lutz, and Anthony G Patt
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+): Transaction Costs of Six Peruvian Projects
Olivia R Rendón Thompson, Jouni Paavola , John R. Healey, Julia P.G. Jones, Timothy R. Baker, and Jorge Torres
Damned If You Do, Dammed If You Don’t: Debates on Dam Removal in the Swedish Media
Dolly Jørgensen and Birgitta Malm Renöfält
Collaborative Measurement of Performance of Jointly Managed Protected Areas in Northern Australia
Natasha Stacey, Arturo Izurieta, and Stephen T Garnett
Ex Ante Scale Dynamics Analysis in the Policy Debate on Sustainable Biofuels in Mozambique
Marc Schut, Cees Leeuwis, and Annemarie van Paassen
Adaptive Comanagement and Its Relationship to Environmental Governance
Ryan Plummer, Derek R Armitage, and Rob C de Loë
The Influence of Ethnic Diversity on Social Network Structure in a Common-Pool Resource System: Implications for Collaborative Management
Michele Barnes-Mauthe, Shawn Arita, Stewart D. Allen, Steven A. Gray, and PingSun Leung
Institutional Misfits: Law and Habits in Finnish Wolf Policy
Juha Hiedanpää
A Tool and Process that Facilitate Community Capacity Building and Social Learning for Natural Resource Management
Christopher M Raymond and Jen Cleary
Stakeholder Perceptions of an Ecosystem Services Approach to Clearing Invasive Alien Plants on Private Land
Lauren S Urgenson, Heidi E. Prozesky, and Karen J Esler
An interview methodology for exploring the values that community leaders assign to multiple-use landscapes.
Darla Hatton MacDonald, Rosalind Bark, Andrea MacRae, Tina Kalivas, Agnes Grandgirard, and Sarah Strathearn
A Methodology to Map Ecosystem Functions to Support Ecosystem Services Assessments
Mik Petter, Shannon Mooney, Simone M Maynard, Andrew Davidson, Melanie Cox, and Ila Horosak
How fit turns into misfit and back: Institutional Transformations of Pastoral Commons in African Floodplains
Tobias Haller, Gilbert Fokou, Gimbage Mbeyale, and Patrick Meroka
Policymakers’ Reflections on Water Governance Issues
Joyeeta Gupta, Aziza Akhmouch, William Cosgrove, Zachary Hurwitz, Josefina Maestu, and Olcay Ünver
Improving Participatory Processes through Collective Simulation: Use of a Community of Practice
Mathieu Dionnet, Katherine A Daniell, Amar Imache, Yorck von Korff, Sami Bouarfa, Patrice Garin, Jean-Yves Jamin, Dominique Rollin, and Jean-Emmanuel Rougier
Strategic Spatial Planning and the Ecosystem Services Concept – an Historical Exploration
Cathy Wilkinson, Toomas Saarne, Garry D Peterson, and Johan Colding
Dynamics of Forage Production in Pasture-woodlands of the Swiss Jura Mountains under Projected Climate Change Scenarios
Konstantin S Gavazov, Alexander Peringer, Alexandre Buttler, François Gillet, and Thomas Spiegelberger
A Contextual Analysis of Land-Use and Vegetation Changes in Two Wooded Pastures in the Swiss Jura Mountains
Joël Chételat, Michael Kalbermatten, Kathryn S.M. Lannas, Thomas Spiegelberger, Jean-Bruno Wettstein, François Gillet, Alexander Peringer, and Alexandre Buttler
Enhancing the Resilience of Human–Environment Systems: a Social Ecological Perspective
Daniel Stokols, Raul Perez Lejano, and John Hipp
Separating Adaptive Maintenance (Resilience) and Transformative Capacity of Social-Ecological Systems
Samuel Wilson, Leonie J Pearson, Yoshihisa Kashima, Dean Lusher, and Craig Pearson
Resilience, Regime Shifts, and Guided Transition under Climate Change: Examining the Practical Difficulties of Managing Continually Changing Systems
Brenda B Lin and Brian Petersen
Could Payments for Ecosystem Services Create an "Ecosystem Service Curse"?
Jakub Kronenberg and Klaus Hubacek
The Multiple Dimensions of Rural Forests: Lessons from a Comparative Analysis
Didier Genin, Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Gérard Balent, and Robert Nasi
Economic Factors Affecting Diversified Farming Systems
Maria S. Bowman and David Zilberman
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