Table 1. Research participants in the focus group discussions in Finland and Greece.

Stakeholders participating in biodiversity governance in Greece and Finland Case study country
State actors acting at several governance levels
Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change GR
Ministry of Rural Development and Food GR
Ministry of the Environment FIN
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry FIN
Committee Nature 2000 GR
National Land Survey of Finland FIN
Finnish Forestry Development Centre Tapio FIN
Geotechnical Chamber of Greece GR
Region of Attica GR
Region of Central Greece (Sterea Ellada) GR
Region of Central Macedonia GR
Forest district offices GR
Region of South-Western Finland FIN
Municipalities (local administrative level) GR & FIN
Regional Forestry Agency FIN
Regional environmental administrations FIN & GR
NGOs acting at several governance levels
National NGOs for nature conservation GR & FIN
Regional NGOs for nature conservation GR & FIN
Local NGOs for nature conservation GR & FIN
National NGO of forestry and agricultural producers FIN
Regional NGO of forestry and agricultural producers FIN
Local NGO conserving seminatural habitats FIN
Organizations with multilevel composition
Management agency for Koroneia and Volvi lakes GR
Management agency for Parnassos National Forest GR
Management agency for Parnitha National Forest GR
Forest and Park Service FIN
Cooperation networks for conservation of forest biodiversity FIN
Other key, nonstate actors
Citizen networks GR & FIN
Organizations of volunteers GR & FIN
Finnish Museum of Natural History FIN
Finnish Peatland Society FIN
Scientific community
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (School of Biology, Department of Ecology) GR
University of the Aegean (Department of Environment) GR
National Center of Social Research (Institute of Urban and Rural Sociology) GR
Agricultural University of Athens (Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development) GR
Harokopio University (Department of Geography) GR
Forest Research Institute GR
University of Eastern Finland (Department of Geographical and Historical Studies) FIN
University of Tampere (School of Management) FIN
University of Helsinki (Departments of Biosciences, Social Research and Forest Sciences) FIN
Finnish Environment Institute FIN
Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation FIN
Total number of participants: 58 29 GR & 29 FIN