Table 2. Forest lot categories according to forest rights inheritance and transfer history.

Type of forest lot Description Number of forest lots
Kaitahu mutuani Forest inherited through patrilineal lines from generation to generation 180
Kaitahu nahunahui Forest given gratuitously by the right-holding individual or a group that obtained some support or aid in return for it 22
Kaitahu katupeu Forest given by a person who was injured or came down with an illness in a forest or by the relatives of a person who died in the forest to the person or people who carried the injured or sick person or the dead body to the village 4
Kaitahu helia Forest gifted by the bride’s side to the groom’s side as a return gift for a majority of the bride’s price 10
Kaitahu fununui Forest given gratuitously by the bride’s father, brother, or relatives of the bride 7
Kaitahu tohutohu Forest purchased with old ceramic dishes, textiles, and money 21
Kaitahu alasihata/rela Forest confiscated from a man who commits adultery with a married woman, or from his father, brother, or relatives, as a fine. The confiscated forest right is granted to the husband of the woman 5
Kaitahu tukar Forest exchanged between two forest ownership groups 2
Total forest lots 251†
†Of the 257 forest lots that were listed in the field research, the tenure of 1 remained unclear because we were not able to interview the ownership group, and 5 forest lots had disputed status.