Table 4. Classification of forest management descriptions to forest management approaches (FMAs). (Forest management descriptions from national inventory plots. FMAs I: nature-reserve; II: close-to-nature; III: combined objective; IV: even-aged forestry; V: short rotation)

Region Forest management description FMA
Umbria Direct protection I
Ecological II
Indirect protection II
Nonwood production II
Tourist-recreational III
  Wood production IV
Netherlands Onbeheerd (unmanaged) I
Spontaan bos (spontaneous forest) I
Struweel < 8 m (thicket) I
Omvorming (transition) II
Recreatiebos (recreation forest) II
Houtwal (wooded bank) III
Laan (avenue) III
Landgoedbos (estate forest) III
Landschap (landscape) III
Ongelijkjarig (uneven-aged) III
Overige niet-recreatieve bosfunctie (other nonrecreative function) III
Singel III
Boombos IV
Gelijkjarig (even-aged) IV
Hakhout (coppice) IV
Schermbos (protective forest) IV
Griend-energie (short rotation coppice) V