Table 3. Comparison of MCPFE classes of protected and protective forest and other wooded land in Europe, forest management approaches (FMAs), and separated forest areas according to the Triad zonation approach.

MCPFE Classes FMA Triad zonation approach
1: Main Management Objective 1.1: “No Active Intervention” FMA 1: Passive - Unmanaged forest nature reserve Protected areas
“Biodiversity” 1.2: “Minimum Intervention”
1.3: “Conservation Through Active Management” FMA 2: Low - Close-to-nature forestry Multifunctional areas under ecosystem management
2: Main Management Objective “Protection of Landscapes and Specific Natural Elements”
3: Main Management Objective “Protective Functions” FMA 3: Medium - Combined objective forestry
No equivalent MCPFE classes are defined FMA 4: High - Intensive even-aged forestry Intensive plantations
FMA 5: Intensive - Short-rotation forestry
MCPFE 2003c
Seymour and Hunter 1999