Fig. 2. Compound figure of temporal change: (a) annual average for air and seawater temperature; (b) annual rainfall at Toliara airport; (c) annual Onilahy River outflow at Tongobory; (d) daily average in situ SST 2007–2009 at Ifaty and Toliara, from hourly records at 3 m depth (Hobo Water Temp Pro logger, accuracy: 0.2°C, Onset Computer Corporation, Pocasset, USA), completed with cyclone events. Data: air temperature and rainfall: courtesy of ASECNA Madagascar (23° 23’S, 43° 44’E); annual mean SST: Hadley Centre SST; river flow: courtesy of ORSTOM and DMHM; daily SST Ifaty: WCS; daily SST Toliara: UR/MNHN.

Fig. 2